Angel Message for April 9, 2014

Last night I attended a awards ceremony at my son’s university, where he received an award for outstanding community service. I was so proud of my son. And the dinner they served was excellent, so I had an absolutely wonderful day as yesterday was my son’s birthday too.  Now on to today’s message……..

“Getting to Know Each Other”


The Romance Angels are guiding you to create intimacy with your partner by revealing your true feelings , your dreams and desires, and the other innermost aspects of yourselves. You discover commonalities and learn new ways of relating.
If you’re presently in a relationship, this card is a message of healing through honest dialogue. This is a particularly true if you’ve stuffed down feelings instead of discussing them with your partner. Perhaps sitting together with a counselor will give you the strength and support to admit them.

Regardless, this card clearly guides you toward holding deep and honest discussion for the benefit of your love life.

And my own interpretation of this card is if you’re single and you’ve currently have your eye on someone or just met someone. Take your time before jumping into anything serious. Get to know each other, feel each other out, there’s is no rush.

Sometimes, when we want to be in a relationship so bad and we fear being alone. We tend to jump into the first relationship that comes our way. Even if we feel it may not be good for us(and we know this because you will feel it in your gut) we stick with it.. Why? Again , so we don’t have be alone and /or we’re feeling lonely.

So in this instance, the angels are asking you to take your time and ‘get to know’ each other.

Have a good one and Happy Humpday!

Daily Affirmation:
I attract loving, wonderful, loyal, people to my life. I nourish the connections with those already in my life.
Card drawn from the Romance Angels Oracle


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