Your Power Animal For Today Is….

April 8,2014

Before we proceed with today’s power animal message. I must take a moment and wish my son Kevin a very Happy Birthday today! He is 22 years old today and will be graduating from college in May. I’m very proud of my boy(he will always be my boy). Happy Birthday Kevin!!




Keyword: Imagination


Your subconscious mind is the playground of your imagination, which waits to be called out by your willingness to unleash the bonds of personal convention and social restraint, to challenge and surpass the usual limits you’ve placed on yourself regarding artistic expression. This means nothing less than to your familiar sense of identity and stretch the boundaries of your creative mind. It’s not a matter of believing–or disbelieving–that you have talent for any kind of creative pursuits. It’s a matter of surrendering to the imaginative impulse that’s beginning to be expressed in some form.

So drop underneath those restrictive beliefs, and tap in to this most natural drive toward creative, artistic expression,perhaps something you’ve always wanted to do but have stopped yourself until now. Feel it in all its depth and dimensions, then throw yourself into it–whether it’s singing, dancing, painting, drawing, writing, or some other path. This is food for your heart and soul. Don’t put it off any longer. It’s time to take that plunge.


P.S.  A seal is more than just a circus animal 😉

Additional Keywords: Creativity; Grace; Adaptation;Playfulness

Self Love: Be willing to breathe, relax, and let go of what’s bothering you. Allow yourself to step back and see the big picture.

Card drawn from Power Animal Oracle

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