Angel Message for April 2, 2014

 Happy Humpday! Our message for today is from Archangel Michael is “Enchantment”


Michael asks you to remember the magic of your life by connecting with the path of the enchanted. Is magic missing from your life or are you aware of a lack of imagination in your creative purpose? Allow the divine joy of the child within you to reconnect with the free-flow fun that was once present in your innocence-this is a doorway to the numinous. With this card, the unicorn’s magical horn touches your soul with the love of its perspicacity-compelling, eternal, and especially wise about that Divine light within you. When it shines, the charisma of your soul magnetizes all people to you. Chant Hee  through your crown chakra to resonate with the higher frequencies of enchantment.

Daily Affirmation:
I let go of my need for approval and my need to be liked. I choose to like and approve of myself.

Card drawn from Angels of Atlantis Oracle


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