Angel Message for March 31, 2014

This is the last day of March, you know the saying that March comes in like a lion and goes in like a lamb? Well, I reserve my judgement about This week’s theme is about staying true to yourself,despite how others may feel about that. After all, that’s their thing, not yours. You can only control how you feel. And the angels are also speaking of coming into your power.









Today’s dual messages are from the spirit of a loved one who has crossed over. So let’s get started, the first one is ” I am here helping you.” ” I’m not technically an angel , but I am acting like one to you. My spiritual growth continues on,even though I am no longer carry physical burdens around. One way that I grow is through loving and selfless service to others, and that includes you!italics Too many times during my earthly life, I acted selfishly out of the misguided belief that there wasn’t enough of this or that to go around. I competed with others, including you, to get my ego and physical needs met. Now that I’m here, I realize what a colossal waste of time and energy that was. So I’m balancing out my old selfish ways with my ‘ new and improved’ energies that are completely focused upon selfless giving. When you accept my gifts, you allow me to accomplish this, and you therefore are giving back italics to me as I grow and learn.” And the second message from Spirit is “Life is a series of choices. Choose Love.” “Love is the true nature of your soul. By making a choice from love instead of fear, you are saying yes to God. I remember in life when I would let other people’s opinions of me define who I was, I was never good enough to be accepted. That was because I was living in fear. But now I know how much more powerful love is. By making right choices, you welcome abundance into every aspect of your life, and I want you to be happy. So with every choice you make, stay true to your nature and choose love. Fear separates; love unites. From over here I will try to remind to always attempt to see love in all you do; that way you can live a happier and more fulfilling live while on Earth.” That’s right my friends, it all boils down to love. Such a simple word that packs a powerful punch. So for this week and from here on. Always act with love, in all you do! Don’t let fear cripple you…remember Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real. I do hope these messages has resonated for you or for someone you know. Have a blessed week! Angel Blessings! xoxoxo   Daily Affirmation:I choose today to notice all of the beautiful things in my life. When I am grateful for these things I attract even more beauty.       Cards drawn from Talking to Heaven Mediumship Oracle


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