Spring is finally here… Your messages are revealed


If you chose Spring Break-the message you have received is Rock Bottom. “Surrender and acceptance are the keys to freedom”


Sometimes it is hard to accept to change. When things in our life seem stagnant or we feel loss as to where to go next. Rock Bottom comes to you as a message that things in our life can no longer stay the way they are. The old patterns need to be released in order for us to move forward. We need to come to terms with our current circumstances and be ready to let go. Once we release what no longer works, Spirit can guide us to the next step. After we surrender, Spirit will be able to bring forth miracles in our life.

If you chose Spring Fling-the message you have received is Dry Desert.  ” Dig deep for inspiration and truth. Now is the time to become resilient and adaptable.”


Do you feel like you have so many questions with little answers? Do you feel as if you’re wandering in a desert? Dry desert sends a message that we need to stop looking outside  for answers. We need to start reflecting(* a side note from mom- a task we can do during Lent or set aside a time to do so*).  A time to stop looking outside for answers. We need to look deep within and find our inner truth. Answers will not be found until we are able to move past the “surface of things”.  We have to choose to do the necessary work and look inward for what we seek. It is a time for us to be resilient and use our inner truth, and aid us until we reach our destination.

And finally …last but certainly not least…

If you have chosen Spring Chicken– the message you have received is Goblins.  “Fear is an illusion. Choose love today. Forgive yourself and others.”


Goblins are formed when we are wounded and we have lost something that is essential to ourselves. After we are hurt, we forget our   “wholeness”.   The goblins are the shadows  of ourselves. They may remind us of what brought them into being. Goblins are tricky; they pretend to be our own voice and tries to convince us that we’re undeserving, unlovable and a victim. The goblins hold us hostage with low self-worth, bad self talk and feelings of lack. Everyone has flaws; and now it is time for self-love and growth. We need to release  negativity. Ask Spirit to help us heal and let go so that miracles can come to into our selves.


And with that being said, this concludes today’s interactive reading. I hope you all enjoyed it and hopefully something resonated with you.


Have a great and productive Thursday!


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