It is Tuesday-March 18, 2014 and Your Power Animal for today is…



Keyword: Transformation

The power that Butterfly brings us is akin to the air. It is the mind, and the ability to know the mind or to change it. It is the art of transformation. To use Butterfly medicine, you must astutely observe your position in the cycle of self-transformation. Like Butterfly, you are always at a certain stage in your life activities. You may be at the egg-stage, which us is the beginning of all things. This is the stage at which an idea is born, but has not yet become a reality. The larva stage is the point at which you decide to create the idea in the physical world. The cocoon stage involves “going within”, doing or developing your project, idea, or aspect of personality. The final stage of transformation is leaving the chrysalis and birth. This last step involves sharing the colors and joy of your creation with the world.

Using the air, or mental powers, of this medicine is done with ease. As an example, if you have been feeling exhausted and have asked how to heal your fatigue, take notice of the colors you have been drawn to recently. Does your body feel better in green? Could that mean you need to eat more green vegetables? This type of thinking is an inspiration from Butterfly medicine.

Butterfly can give you clarity to your mental process, help you organize the project you are undertaking, and assist you in finding the next step for your personal life or career. The main message to be obtained from drawing this symbol is that you are ready to undergo some type of transformation. To discern what your next move is, use the Butterfly spread.


Self Love: Create a Happy-Ritual in your day. Even if it’s something like bathing, walking the dog, or doing dishes. Do it happily.


Card drawn from Medicine Cards




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