Angel Message for March 7, 2014



Have you been paying attention to readings this week? Have you noticed the messages of prayer, sacrifice and giving, mercy? Well this week’s theme ends with “Faith”


Uzziel means the “strength of God”  that manifests the gift of God’s essence and the power of faith in your life. When you invite Uzziel to touch you with faith, your spiritual growth is accelerated and peace fills your heart. Faith works in a realm beyond human understanding and reason. It takes a tremendous faith to enable you to transcend your mind and connect with eternal knowing. Ask Uzziel to teach you to ignite the Ascension attitudes of love, surrender and gratitude, becoming the dynamic vibration that magnetically attracts Spirit, making a possible union between you and God.

Faith is an inner knowing that inspires you to be conscientious, accurate and true. Its powerful energy decreases with inertia and increases through right action. Rather than external thought, true faith found deep within your being , guiding your actions and feelings towards the desired outcome. The angels protect us through our faith by distracting or changing the perception of others who would harm us, creating an atmosphere free of worry, anxiety,doubt and fear.

The acceptance or conviction of a teaching as true is a belief. Before the heart is opened, beliefs are likely to be limiting and binding. Beliefs can hold you captive and create a sensation between people. When cherished and nurtured, belief expands into faith, opening the heart to be filled with faith, nothing in it’s outer world can disturb you.

And that is what it’s all about my friends.. Faith…it can be as tiny as a mustard seed…it moves mountains…

So I charge you all this weekend to go forth in faith, love, mercy, giving and prayer.
Have a blessed and awesome weekend! Angel Blessings! xoxoxo



Card drawn from Angel Blessings Oracle


6 thoughts on “Angel Message for March 7, 2014

  1. Thank you so much!! For me, connecting with the divine is so overwhelmingly powerful that it can be little scary, it is so much energy, and so much strength that I am scared what it will do to me. And for me it happens almost too easily, all I have to say is “God come into my body” and then it happens! So I am little careful with these meditations. I don’t want to turn into a hermit (is that the right word….?) living in a cave in the forest 🙂


  2. You do? Oh, now I feel so happy!! 🙂 I have never met anyone who has had these kind of experiences before! Have you ever felt that force taking over parts of your body? Like for me, it is always arms hand hands, specially the palms. Like if I use angel cards, then my palm will be drawn to a certain card and it is completely by some other force. It is little scary! Does that happen to you?


  3. That happens to me as well during meditations, well a lot happens, once I was flying through space, it was weird, but the hand-thing happens all the time, not only during meditations. Last time it happened I said :please elevate my soul” and then my arms starting rising all on their own, and they started moving in a wave-motion over my upper body, from head to stomach, back and forth, back and forth with palms down, my arms were weightless and there was no use of muscles or effort. That was quite scary.


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