Angel Message for March 5, 2014

Today is Ash Wednesday and it marks the beginning of Lent for Catholics and most Christians. I am one of them, I know that many out there aren’t fond of Catholics. Or just religion in general.. But I like to think of myself as spiritually open to all. So while my faith is one thing, I try to be a person who sees the light in all, no matter their faith or beliefs. And I hope that people will see the same in me. Because this is what it’s all about loving one another, despite our differences.  Now back to Lent, 40 days of reflection. I am going to use these 40 days to spend time in meditation and prayers. Reflecting on things, on how to grow and evolve spiritually. To sit and be still, that is not a easy task for me. And of course being grateful for the blessings in my life. It can be difficult to see the good things at times. Especially if you’re consistently focusing on what’s wrong,on what you don’t have,or comparing yourselves to others. That can be a real drag. So let’s put an end to that today. Start by being grateful, the moment you open your eyes in the morning. Why? You have lived to see another sunrise. Don’t focus too much on lack or what you think you lack. You are blessed, say it and it is so…

The message for today comes from Archangel Metatron and his message is “Mercy”


The Oracle of Metatron beseeches you to explore ways of being merciful, within yourself and in relation to fellow human beings and nature. Mercy is God-given, and therefore channeled through the Sovereign Leader. It is then allowed to flourish through the garden of the meek. Therefore, if you harbor any negative issues, such as anger, let go and live the life of your full power, your sovereignty, and express the implicit power of compassion. Be silent as you meditate on this Oracle, and Metatron will bring you inspiration.

Self Love: Work on your personal development. We all have things we can work on, be kind and compassionate to yourself.
“You must love in such a way that the person you love feels free.” ~ Thich Nhat Hanh


Card drawn from Angels of Atlantis Oracle


3 thoughts on “Angel Message for March 5, 2014

  1. What an absolutely lovely post!! I agree with you we should all respect each other and our different choice of faith (or no faith), and focus on loving and caring for each other no matter what religion, country, culture or family we come from. I also understand the part about focusing too much on what we don’t have, it is so hard, isn’t it! ? We all want something, and we can’t all have it. This is very difficult to accept. But I think we need to remind ourselves that our worth will not increase even if we do get what we are dreaming of, our worth is unconditional and unalterable. Thank you for a lovely lovely post! I hope this lent will be extraordinary for you!


  2. It is hard(lol), when I find myself, wanting something like crazy and/or waiting for it to happen..I have remind myself to focus. To focus on what’s right in front of me. And to tell myself, my situation and circumstances could be much worse. So why I am I complaining? But I am glad you found this post useful.. And thank you for taking the time to read my posts. Have a wonderful and blessed day!


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