Angel Message for February 28, 2014


Mercury’s retrograde ends today and I’m doing my happy dance! It’s been a rough one for me. Computer glitches, missing mail and packages, travel delays and trouble….ugghh.. I’m so glad we are going to be in the clear for now.
Also, this is the end of February’s amour lectures de vendredi. Love messages will pop up here and there, whenever I’m guided to do so. So never fear,the angels will always guide you in regards to love & romance. All you gotta do is ask for guidance and you shall receive.

Today the angels are saying that love is “Worth Waiting For”.

worth waiting for
Divine timing is at work in your love life.
Your soul-mate relationship requires patience, as there are many factors involved. Your soul mate’s freewill choices are beyond your or the angel’s control, as is the readiness of both of you for true love. This card comes to you as a reminder that this relationship is worth waiting for.

Divine timing is a universal law that is always in operation. It is the flow of everything. If we try to impose our human will and force things to happen, we become out of sync with nature and experience blockages. Similarly, if we fret, “When will I meet my soulmate?” we put “worry” energy out into the universe.

The Romance Angels have heard and answered your prayers for a soul mate, and they are working behind the scenes to bring this to you. Your role is to listen to and follow your intuition,even if it seems unrelated to your desire. Your intuition is like a guide dog, leading you along the path of answered prayers. Follow your intuition and trust in the timing of the relationship.

If today’s messages resonates for some of you, know that it is being handled. Don’t sweat it, for good things comes to those who wait. I know that may be hard, trust me I know because patience is not one of my virtues at all. But know that the angels want the very best for you. So in order to bring you the very best you deserve, you may just have to wait. But the wait will be worth it..indeed it will.
Bénédictions d’ange(Angel Blessings) xoxoxo


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