Angel Colors~ Using Color to Invoke your Angels


angel colors

Angels and Colors

Working with the angels has absolutely transformed my life in the most positive of ways.

Angels are incredibly powerful spiritual beings, who will do whatever they can to assist you in your life’s journey. But as is the case with all highly evolved light beings in spirit, they will not interfere in your reality without your permission.

It is true that when you invite the guidance, love, wisdom and healing of the angels into your life, with a simple intention, or by asking for their assistance, they will respond, and they will do everything they can to help you.

But sometimes… At least when it comes to down my personal experience, I’ve wanted to be able to do more on my part to align with their help and assistnace. I have learned that connecting with angels is best accomplished when I lift my vibration, as they lower theirs down… We meet in the middle so to speak.

When you ask, angels answer… But their help doesn’t always come in the way you might expect… And if you’re not in vibrational alignment with the angels, or in a state of mindful awareness when they offer a nudge in the right direction or a download of divine guidance… You might not even notice.

So once you ask for angelic assistance… What can you do to align with the help of your angels?

In addition to clearing your mind, and maintaining a grounded, present and aware state, working with color is actually really beneficial…

When it comes to color there is much more than meets the eye. Every color holds an energy, and carries a vibration, and so by working with colors which are in alignment with the areas of angelic help you would like to receive… You can align your present moment vibration with the energy of the angels who can most help, and the answer or solution you would like to align with by leveraging the power of color.

Before we get into the specifics of the angel colors and their properties… what do I mean by “leveraging the power of color?”

Basically… Immerse yourself in the color which carries the vibrational essence of the qualities you would like to attract. Surround yourself with the colors aligned with the type of angelic assistance you would like to invoke.

How do you surround or “immerse yourself in color?” Think in terms of clothing, candles, foods, accessories, flowers, objects, paints, markers, crayons, crystals, and natural items.

Really… based on my experience I can assure you that once you choose a color to work with, and when you consciously focus on it you’ll begin to see it everywhere! Have fun with this, knowing that the vibrational essence of your chosen color can and will bring you into alignment with the angelic help you seek.

Colors and Angels

Angel Colors and their corresponding qualities… These colors are each vibrationally aligned with specific areas of focus in which your angels can assist.


Purity, unity, honesty, and sincerity. Healing, peaceful, and complete. White light, and angels of white light, protect and purify the mind, body, and spirit. White is often considered to be the absence of color… Within this void is a direct path to your angels and a link to the Divine.


Abundance, knowledge and an enlightened mind. Charm, certainty, and charisma. The color gold will help you tap into the ancient knowledge of your soul, and the angels who can help you gain access.


Blessings, intuition and the Divine feminine. The color silver offers a gentle neutrality, which opens the door for you to journey within, to ponder the deeper meaning of life, and to reflect upon what has been, and upon all that is.


Mystery, discovery, protection, and change. Black represents the cycle of death and rebirth, and the infinite possibilities for positive change held therein.

Brown/ Tan

Groundedness, neutral, structure, stability, and connection to Earth.


Power, strength and vitality. Red represents passion, survival, sexual energy, and movement. The color red is closely tied with the element of fire, and can stimulate fast change, expansion, activity.


Creativity, happiness and attraction. Orange stimulates vitality, encouragement, and adaptability while encouraging optimism, connection, and vitality.


Joy, spirituality, and cheerfulness. Yellow evokes optimism, and stimulates the intellect. Yellow is closely connected with spiritual energies, and will help to align you with the full extent of your inner wisdom.


Fertility, growth, luck and finance. Green will help you to rest, relax, and restore your energy. Working with green evokes the energy of wellbeing, and of unconditional love.


Patience, health, harmony and tranquility. Blue will help you to speak and to know the truth, to clearly communicate, and to understand and express your will.


Clear vision within the inner and outer realms. Insight, intuition, and understanding within the astral and spiritual realms.


Spiritual fulfillment, good judgement and inspired ambition. The violet vibration is dreamy, imaginative, and inspiring… Violet will help you concentrate, make progress, transmute negativity, and align with high vibrational, magical, guides and angels.


Love, compassion, and nurturing. Pink carries the vibration of innocence, honor, and motherly love. Pink can help you to see life through rose colored lenses… From the perspective of the angels, which is unconditional love.

When asking for help from the angels, and utilizing color to invoke angelic qualities and assistance, you may receive a direct angelic intervention, or you may simply align with the insight, courage, and wisdom you need to make changes, and follow through on the guidance you’ve already tapped into.

Practice aligning with angelic help through using the different vibrational essences of the colors, and stay open and aware to know, experience, and witness the angelic assistance which comes into your life through many forms.

With love, light, and gratitude,


Angel Colors~ Using Color to Invoke your Angels


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