Just For Fun

fortune squares

Quickly decide what creative square resonates with you the most. Read below for the answer to the fortune square you have chosen. Please feel free to SHARE with your friends!

1 – It is time for you to conquer your fears. Whatever it is that you have hesitation with, know that there is always a positive way to approach it. You are a very strong person. You just have to believe that you are, in order to get ahead. The most powerful thing that you have, is your mind.

2 – It is time for you to simply surrender to life and let the path you are traveling on unfold before you. Don’t be worried about what your next move is. Only when you worry, do you create obstacles for yourself. Let life happen. Only when you do this will you find everything you need along the life path you are walking.

3 – Right now you have to focus on your connection with nature and your connection with yourself. Focus on creating a healthy balance in your life between your work, family, personal tasks and the outdoors. Turn to nature when you are feeling lost. Nature is “creation”. Nature is home.

4 – You need to become more open minded when it comes to other people’s point of view. Not everything is black and white, nor should it be. You must make decisions based on seeing every situation from all angles. It is the only way to go about something in a fair way.

5 – It is time you worked on creating your best life! You have the power to do anything and everything, all you have to do is try. Figure out what it is that you want to feel. Do you want to feel love, health, wealth? It is not about thinking about what you want to have, it is about feeling what you want to have. When you truly feel it, it will be yours.

6 – You need to take a break from a few things. Whatever it is that has been draining you from all of your sleep, all of your energy; you need to take a break from. Let someone else take care of those things for a while. Focus on what it is that you truly want to work on. What is it that makes you feel accomplished and creative? It is important for you to have balance, yet feeling as though you are trapped into doing everything, is very unhealthy. Let someone know that you need help.

7 – It is time for you to truly listen to what your heart is telling you to do. Use your intuition. Everything is energy and therefore everything is connected. Do not doubt your inner messages. They are usually correct. There are signs all around you. Be open to receiving all of life’s messages.

8 – Life can be positive and negative, dark and light, happy and sad… It is only when you can learn from each side of the coin, that you become enriched with more positivity in your life. This is due to developing an appreciation for all of life’s situations and the lesson they teach you.

9 – You are loved. Even if you do not have anyone around you telling you, you are. You are loved by the entire universe. Energy is creation. Creation is love. Creation is YOU. When you send love out into existence, you will receive love back. Try sending love out to everyone you know. If you do not know anyone; send love out to the trees, plants, animals or people in general. You WILL receive love back.


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