Angel Message for February 19, 2014


It’s mid -week and time for a Gratitude check in. So are you being grateful? Are you thankful for the people, things and experiences in your life? And not the just the obvious stuff either.. If you are..wonderful! If not, then it’s not too late to start now..

Our message for today is “Illuminate”




You are a shining star. In truth, you were born to illuminate the world with your Light. The time has come to get out of your own way and allow yourself to be all of who you are meant to be. Remember, it is only the thoughts of in your mind that hold you back and it takes a lot more energy to hold yourself closed, than it does to let yourself flow open. This card is asking that you allow yourself to take up space, to open yourself up and illuminate this world!


“If you have a lot of change in your life at the moment, a feeling of aloneness, it’s likely you are having an aspect of soul awakening. Your world will become clearer.”
Heidi Sawyer

Card drawn from Divine Guidance



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