What Love Can Do..

Years ago, I lived in Egotown, near the corner of Downtrodden and Disenchanted. My neighbors, the Worries and the Anxieties, pity partied every day and always rained on my parade. There were a lot of blocks in the neighborhood: Doubt, Lack, Struggle, and Guilt. No matter who far I traveled, I seemed to get nowhere fast.

One day, a band of angels waltzed through my heart, inviting me to join them on the highway to heaven. I tripped, I fell, I stumbled, I sometimes crawled, crying out and feeling like I could never escape.

But I did.

Friends, I tell you this: there is NOTHING love cannot do. There is no wound love cannot heal, no obstacle love cannot overcome. The very moment you ask for angels you RECEIVE all of heaven. You do! You receive.

Please know that you are loved. Please accept that you are not alone. Please breathe, take a step and dare to Live! Live as love.

–Steffany Barton


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