Angel Message for February 12, 2014

Keeping along with the theme of love this week..Today’s message is New Love.


Card Meaning: A new chapter in your love life begins. Whether it is with a new partner, or rekindled love in a current relationship.

Open your heart to a new infusion of Divine Love, through a partner in your life. The angels are preparing you to be aware of new people entering your life,as a new mate may be unlike your previous partners. Be open to changes in your current relationships, and don’t cling tightly to ideas of how you think relationships should be. This is a time of wondrous changes in your love life, and you are asked to trust God and your guardian angels to work things out in your highest good. Changes in your love life will only be painful if you are rigid in your thoughts or behaviors. If you flow with the current of love, you’ll find that old parts of your love life wash away. They are rapidly replaced by new aspects that will delight you. Current relationships may end or they may act as a transition into a new phase of passion and renewed love. Or, a new partner may enter your life, inspiring great happiness for you both.


Card drawn from Healing with the Angels


Happy Humpday!

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