Tuesday-February 11, 2014 Your Power Animal for today is …





“You are provided for in all ways” 

Keyword: Abundance


You need never go hungry. You will always have plenty–plenty of physical and emotional sustenance and just as important spiritual nourishment. To sustain this state of abundance, it’s important to remain appreciative of all that you do have and consistently express your gratitude to Great Spirit as the true source of your supplies.

** See? this is what I’ve been saying all along..lol See 2/5/14 post on Gratitude.**

Have faith in this fact, rather than getting caught up in beliefs in lack and limitation. In fact, you will always have more than enough, so give away any surplus willingly and enthusiastically. Whenever you do give something away, do so out of LOVE from your heart, rather than from a sense of martyrdom or to gain other’s approval. Nature gives unabashedly and generously, unto life and unto death. Let that part of your nature be the fount from which your giving generates. In this way, you will experience a deep satisfaction and heartfelt sense of connectedness to others in your family and community, and quite naturally feel immensely grateful for all that Life gives to you.

Additional Meanings: Generosity;Gratitude;Surrender;Sacrifice

Card drawn from Power Animal Oracle


“If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never have enough.”
Carol Ritberger

Have a wonderful and love filled day!

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