Angel Message for February 5, 2014


We are at the mid-point of the week and I just want to check in with you to make sure we are still acting with gratitude. Yep, I’m harping on it because I realized that when I am grateful for the teeniest, tiniest things. I’m allowing for the biggest and bestest(I know …not a real word..but bare with me to come into my life. Remember I said 2014 is going to be the best year of my life! It really is going to be as I will accept nothing less. And neither should you…

Daily Affirmation: I let go of fear and embrace courage, giving myself the motivation to do the things I’m scared to do.

So with that mouthful being said, the message for today is “Healing”


 Creation is filled with the healing light of love. It is a light you can switch on any
time you wish.

” Dearest one, I am your Angel of Healing; I come to you, for you are ready to heal. Close your eyes and feel my presence this very moment. Feel the light of the stars shining eternally bright inside your heart. You are much greater than you know. You are so much more than this physical existence–eternally one with the spirit of life. Powerful beyond measure; for you hold the essence of the creation within you. Know that the essence of life is love and that love has the power to heal you. Be in touch with all you truly feel and unlock all that remains hidden in your heart. Take some time each day to write down your thoughts and feelings. Expressing yourself in this way will help activate your healing. Healing is a process, so be patient. At times it may feel like things are getting worse, however this is part of the healing process. As you start to release the many emotions you have stored inside, you may at times feel out of balance. Once again, be patient, for this is just part of the process.

Trust–for a beautiful transformation is unfolding.”

And I would like to say in my own words, when I look at this card. I see the stars on the forehead as well as in the heart area. I intuitively feel that for some this card speaks of psychic healing. That healing is needed in the 3rd eye(indigo color) chakra as well as the heart chakra. So if you’ve been feeling closed off from your inner spirit and you feel as if your spiritual vision is blocked. Then this a definite sign that you are in need of psychic healing. And the same for your heart (green color)chakra, if you’re feeling negative, distrustful of others, close-minded is all indicative of releasing your pain and healing your heart chakra. So if anyone feels this could be them, then yes the angels are saying that if you wish it and you are ready, these areas can and will be healed.

Card drawn from Universal Wisdom Oracle


Happy Humpday!


One thought on “Angel Message for February 5, 2014

  1. Great message and reading for today. I hadn’t been thinking much about gratitude today so it’s a great reminder. The other day when I went for a big bike ride with two friends, and as we rode we watched the sun setting over the water I just thought how I have so so much to be grateful for. I didn’t have a worry in the world! (which we never really do anyway do we 🙂 .



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