Angel message for February 3, 2014

It’s February and I’m happy to say that soon Old Man Winter will release us from his

Also,yesterday was Groundhog’s Day and according to NYC’s local groundhog Staten Island Chuck, we are in for 6 more weeks of winter…. Not too happy with you Chuck, I was hoping for a better prediction…lol Especially since I woke up to lots of snow on the ground today.

Last month’s theme was all about Faith:the ability to believe, intuit, perceive.
And so the theme for this month is Strength: The ability to endure, stay the course, persevere.
Monthly Affirmation-” I have the strength to accomplish all that is mine to do.”


Today’s Angel message is ….. “Wild Roses”


Your wild energy is taking hold. You truly are blooming where you are planted and you look amazing!

The rose symbolizes love, beauty, and protection. It is often referred to as the symbol of the Virgin Mary. Now add in a little wild energy and you have a tiger by the tail. Wild rose represents positive energy you cannot control coupled with vulnerability. A wild rose blooms where its seeds land. The environment may not be ideal, but the plant dares to thrive and be beautiful at the same time. This, my dear is the essence of the intuitive life. The vulnerable rose petals, the vibrant colors and the imposing thorns combine in infinite divine wisdom to form a flowering plant that survives and thrives in unlikely environments.
With this card your guides congratulate you on surviving some tough circumstances to become a beautiful wild rose.  It is all right to allow your wild energy to be in full bloom. When it us right balance, it serves an important purpose. Wild energy is about explosive life force and it can be a beacon for others. You are flowering right now. You are full of creative, unpredictable, feminine energy. You are a divine wild rose and your angels applaud you.

Card drawn from Audacious Action Angels

It’s a new week …so let’s get started and have a wonderful week!

“If you want to awaken all of Humanity then awaken all of yourself. Truly the greatest gift you have to give is that of your own self transformation.” ~ Lao Tzu

Don’t deny the guidance you receive. Your faith is crucial to strengthening your relationship with your inner guide.  ‪#‎SpiritJunkie‬

PS…I called the Seattle Seahawks winning the Super Bowl. Though I am not a fan of any sport by any means. I knew they were going to slaughter the

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