Angel Message for January 27, 2014


Welcome back! It is Monday all over again and the last Monday of the month too. Is it just me, but does it seem like January has flown by? I do wish winter would be over with already. I am sooo not a winter person. And these polar vortexes we have been experiencing in the Northeast has been a bit too much for me. I don’t care what anyone says cold weather just doesn’t suit

Enough of the chatter now let me introduce you all to today’s message….

Raziel “Dreams”




Your dreams are one of the most powerful oracles you access, and Raziel illustrates that messages are filtering through your dream kingdom at present , which will help you with your next important life decision. Don’t worry if you cannot remember your dreams, as your unconscious has them in store for the Higher Self or Ka to interpret. Try to keep a dream journal to develop the ability to read the metaphors of this part of your consciousness. Sit in stillness to assist the interpretation of your consciousness.

Card drawn from the Angels of Atlantis Oracle cards.

Lots of Angel Blessings to you all…have a wonderful week!


3 thoughts on “Angel Message for January 27, 2014

  1. so agree on dreams being one of the most powerful oracles we can access. its my most profound belief. i do talk a lot too about Angels and my experiences with dreams and obes. if you care to have a look , please visit ! and have a peek 🙂 you have a very nice Blog by the way ! (this is spiritual journey of the soul)


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