Angel Message for January 22, 2014



I am posting Wednesday’s message 1 day early because I will be in Washington DC on Wednesday. So not only do you have your power animal message for today. You have been given the additional benefit of wisdom from the celestials. Happy Humpday to you and have a blessed day!

Today’s card is “Celebration”



It is time to take off your work hat and let your hair down. It’s time to have fun! sing, dance, play abd be wild–really let yourself loose. Let go of the stresses of your daily life for just a little while and get out and enjoy yourself like you used to before you grew-up. Your heart needs this, your mind needs this, and most importantly, your spirit needs this. Get out there and celebrate pleasure and enjoy being YOU!!


Daily Affirmation: I choose to express what I truly feel in my heart. I allow myself to experience my feelings.


Card drawn from Divine Guidance Oracle by Cheryl Lee Harnish


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