Crystal Clear Part 2


Here we go….your messages are below… Enjoy!

If you chose Clear Apophyllite: The message you have received is ” The Magician”




You have the magical touch of angels on your side!New projects that you start will be very successful. You have all the resources you need,even if you can’t see them at this time. Yoou may be underestimating the skill and knowledge that you’ve accumulated. You’re prepared for this momentin your life, and the road ahead is safeand sure. With Archangel Raziel beside you, additional assistance in the form of guidance,supportive people or windfall of abundance will seem to magically appear. Anything is possible! However, to receive this help, you have to confidently take action. You must move forward with your plans in way that displays to others(and yourself) that you no doubt as to your coming success!

Additional Meanings: Creative solutions*Skill and confidence*The ability to manifest*Focused action*Taking the initiative.


Archangel Raziel is a magical archangel who can guide you in conjuring the life of your dreams. What wish are you trying to make come true? Ask Raziel for assistance when you need resources of any kind facilitate what you’re trying to create.




If you chose Aqua Aura: The message you have received is “The Wheel”




Exciting changes are coming! The Wheel spins with the power of life and turns to bring you prosperous new opportunities. If you’ve been finding it difficult to get your plans off the ground, that will change now! Sudden movement forward is likely.

While the idea of change can some times be worrying to people , you must trust and know that the Universe wants you to be happy. Unexpected events are meant to point you in a direction that will bring you a more joyful and fulfilling life. If you feel uncertain, Ask Archangel Jeremiel to give you a clear understanding of where you’re headed.

Additional Meanings: A fresh start*Optimism for the future* The ability to adapt.

Archangel Jeremiel is the angel who helps us see our lives clearly so that we can make assessments about changing circumstances. His name means “mercy of God.” Call upon him when you’re seeking inspiration on how to successfully make amazing changes in your life.


And last, but certainly not least…if you chose Selenite: The message you have received is :”The High Priestess”
[Selenite is one of two crystals that correspond with the High Priestess Card, the other being Moonstone]



The answers you seek are within you! They cannot be found through the intellect,but instead are a product of your deepest feelings. Emotional situation provide great insight right now. Intuition and psychic messages should be treated seriously and with great respect, as they can be relied upon with confidence. Your dreams at night may also hold keys to understanding what actions to take next. There may be aspects of your situation that you’re unaware of, but Archangel Haniel can provide you with the enlightment and answers you’re searching for! This is not a time of action of reflection and meditation. Have faith that events will unfold perfectly and that you will know when to move forward. Remain patient and be at peace knowing that your inner guidance will not fail you.

Additional Messages: The power of the subconscious*The willingness to forgive*Spiritual awakening*Patience*The mystery and awe of the Universe*Keeping the confidences of others.

Archangel Haniel is a beautiful and mystical archangel who can help you understand the mysteries of life. Her name means “the grace of God” Haniel helps those who have embarked on an inner search for meaning and answers in their lives.And she can also help you develop your intuition and psychic abilities.

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