Angel Message for January 20, 2014


Hello to all of my readers old and new…how was your weekend? I hope it was lovely…

It’s a brand new week and a brand new day..Each day is a new slate wiped clean and you have opportunity to create magic everyday.

It is also Martin Luther King Jr Day today in the states. A man who dedicated his life to promoting equality and justice for all. A man of peace and of love who said we are all children of the creator. It’s true too..we are all one, we are all the same,it doesn’t matter about what your outer shell looks like. It is your your heart and what’s inside it that counts.


Daily Affirmation: Today I will explore my connection to God/Source/Spirit and my own faith and spirituality.

Now onto today’s message…….


Today’s message is “Sacred Mountain”







This card relates to strength of character, which is derived from a compassionate and loving heart. It reflects the inner strength and compassion that you radiate out to those all around you.

Like a sacred mountain, your energy is magnetic and magical. You are a mountain of strength and hope for many people. your love and wisdom are strong and grounded. Because of this, many people will be drawn to you to seek advice. Yet, know that the real attraction occurs on a soul level; little needs to be said for your energy is such that it has a calming and healing effect on all who meet or hear about you. Your honesty , courage and inner beauty are an inspiration to many people. You are indeed a sacred mountain–able to weather the changing seasons of life while always remaining true to your inner nature and wisdom.

Card drawn from Toni Carmine Salerno’s Wisdom Oracle


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