Angel Message for December 18, 2013

For December 18, 2013

Keeping in line with the theme of doing something different for my readers, I have another 3 card reading for you today. These messages come today from the Gold and Silver Guardian Angels.




You have received 1 Gold Angel, 1 Silver Angel and the Key card that connects the two.






(The)Key: is Spring and to sow the seeds of a new life.




Gold-Tabris ” I beckon to you from the Door of Light, out of which the golden radiance of my splendour shines forth. I ask to guide your footsteps and choices, for many are the doors, that open during your life, but few will be your Door of Light.”
Heed my call and if you would change your life to become more at peace with yourself. It may be that your eye doesn’t see the light that pours from this door. You may be concerned with material or day to day issues in your life, which blind you to your true purpose.-finding happiness and fulfillment. What is the point of filling your home with riches ,if you have not the time or peace to enjoy them? If your life feels unfulfilled it may be because your are viewing your goals only with the eye and not the heart. The Creator gave you choice in all things. You can choose to receive my dazzling golden radiance into your heart, the light will show you the spiritual way forward to find your golden path of true wholeness.
If you have already walked through your first Door of Light, and still wish to invoke my aid, then I will help to negotiate the way to your next door. For always there are choices to make,crossroads to negotiate, different doors presented. I see your higher purpose and the needs of your higher self;you may invoke my loving support whenever you wish to guide the decisions that you make, to help you choose the Way of Love and Light.

Silver:Torquaret- “In a silver drift of frost-rimmed leaves I come, swirling and eddying in the autumn wind that can blow away your past. In my season, there is great beauty of colour and form,but it also a time for your personal reckoning.”

Autumn is the time to review the result of the promise of spring and whether this promise was delivered in summer. It is the time for reaping, and afterwards for retrenchment and preparation for the quiet time of winter. It is the same in your life. What your planted in your spring, if correctly nurtured,came to fruition in your summer. Think back:how happy were you with your summer abundance? Did you plant wisely and nurture faithfully? Remember, it is your harvest that you reap and you are the harvester.

If you reaped abundant joy, then I underpin that joy with my love, so that you can build upon it to bring a even greater harvest next year. If not, I guide you now to stock of your present life, for this is your chance to determine a different future. It is an opportunity to cleanse the past, sweeping it away like my autumn drifts of leaves. I bring my silver feminine energy to help you use your intuitive skills, thinking with both heart and head. Prune out that which you wish to be rid of from your life,making a bonfire to burn old behaviourial patterns. In short, ensure that all is well and the earth of your life is cleared. Then it can be rested and recharged during winter’s quiet dormant time. Have the courage and determination to be ready for replanting in the new spring, for through my gentle silver wings support your efforts,all your future potential lies finally in your own hands.

Daily Affirmation: It is in my power to make sure that I am treated well by myself and by others.


I hope that you enjoyed today’s reading.Happy Humpday to you!

See you on Friday!…Angel Blessings xoxoxo



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