Angel Message for 12/9/13


Greeting my friends, welcome back from the weekend!I hope your weekend went well, I had a quiet one this time around. It seems as if every weekend for me in November was a busy one. I could do with some quiet time though. Actually some quiet time is good for you. This quiet time can used to practice mindfulness as well as helping you connect with your angels and guides. It is also a stress reducer and a mood lifter…so you see quiet time has it’s benefits. It’s also beginning to look alot like Christmas. It finally is in my home, after I was able to get my kids to put the decorations and tree up. Mommy’s But seriously though, Christmas is only 16 days away and I’m glad I’m done with my shopping. How about you? Are you a early shopper or one of those last minute peeps? Don’t feel bad, that so used to be me a few years ago.

Our message for today comes from The Saints & Angels oracle by Doreen Virtue. Now let’s get to today’s message,we were given “Optimism”. You’re right to feel optimistic in this situation. There is much to feel hopeful about for your Guardian Angel has witnessed all of your hopes, dreams, joys, inspirations. And know that this new inspiration is the answer to your prayers. Your angel can see behind the scenes, details about what is ahead for you. And is now giving you the all is clear ahead messsage. Your positive nature is attractive and draws others to you. And if others don’t believe in you, that’s fine. Stay away from naysayers and remain upbeat anyway.





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