Ask Your Guides Reading

I’m baaaccckkk!…lol



I now present to you the Ask Your Guides Reading…enjoy!




If you have chosen Silver:The message you have received is Decisions/Higher Self.


You’re faced with many choices and aren’t sure what to do. Leave or staying at a  job? Terminate or commit to a relationship? Stop or continue a creative project? Go to work or stay at home with the kids? Life is an endless stream of choices, and doing what’s best is never a simple thing.

Fortunately, your Higher Self can help you resolve these difficult decisions, especially if you’re willing to let some of the balls you juggle drop to the wayside for now. The key to making the best choices is to simply follow your heart and attend to only what you care about right now. Focus on priorities that feed your spirit, and don’t become overwhelmed by the demands and expectations of others.

Ask your Higher Self to help you discern and trust in what requires your attention right now, and be willing to disappoint people. Your Higher Self assures you that what falls to the wayside isn’t important in the long run,despite the drama of the moment. The message for you is “Don’t try to be all things to all people, it’s a waste of time, and you’ll surely fail.”




If you have chosen Blue: The message you have received is Self-Esteem/Guardian Angel Michael.


Protection*Self Expression*Boundaries*Convictions*

You may feel like the “Ugly” duckling right now, as others snicker at you and discount your ideas and beliefs. They may even outright laugh at you. Fortunately, the Guardian Angel Michael is present to help you remain grounded and true to yourself, even in the face of being so profoundly misunderstood. He counsels you to remain faithful to yourself and rebel against the ignorance of others. Don’t be afraid to be yourself and stick up for your beliefs. Yes, it’s scary, and you’ll probably feel alone, but never fear, Archangel Michael is surrounding you, and he urges you to ignore popular opinion.


If you have chosen Violet: The message you have received is: Unconditional Love/Divine Mother.


There is no need to feel unloved. The Divine Mother is present urging you to open your heart and drink from her cup of unconditional love. You’re her beloved and treasured child. Feel her endless flow of Divine love streaming toward you. Any self-rejection and self-criticism you may be feeling at this time are wounds inflicted upon you by an unconscious world, and are not a part of your Divine Soul.

The Divine Mother is working with your soul to relieve you of these psychic injuries and doubts. Let her restore you to wholeness. Divine Mother’s counsel: Accept what is holy and true about you; you are a lovable and much-loved child of the Universe. The Divine Mother ‘s love is available to you in all ways. Accept, breathe, relax and allow her nurturing vibrations to soothe your soul. Ask her to still your doubts and insecurities. The Divine Mother message to you “You are forever my beautiful and beloved child.”




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