Messages from your Angels & Guides~ August 1-8, 2018


August’s Theme: Health

Affirm: I AM healthy! In each moment, miracles are taking place in my body.

Good afternoon! Is it August already? Sometimes I feel as if I am in a time warp because time seems to be flying by. We are well into the dog days of summer now. I’ve been trying to stay active and enjoy each and every day. I guess it’s true that time flies when you are having fun.  Doing fun things, being active, fresh air, fruits, and veggies are also keys to good health. When you’re healthy, you feel better in mind, body, and spirit.

Let’s get to this week’s spiritual guidance.




Center your self and then choose of one of the following: left, middle, right. Scroll down for your reveal.

Left~ Creation+ Shifting+ Empathy


She Shaman-Letting go of old ideas and allowing new growth is primary now. The mission you have been on is complete. A new dawn is coming and it time to open yourself to divine inspiration. The message here is: “Let go- you no longer need to be the warrior.”

You have or are about to enter into a great shift. This is a necessary part of your growth and higher learning. You are moving into a higher level of consciousness and awareness. In order for this to happen, some of the old ways of life and of being must fall away to make room for the new.  You may find yourself, changing jobs or careers. Old friends or relationships may drift away as new people enter your life. You may move to a new home or have a sudden change in finances. On an energetic level, your consciousness is opening to the hidden wounds you carry. More than likely, you will feel very far out of your comfort zone. And possibly experience situational depression. Know that this shift is very vital and necessary. So remain as calm as you can while the earth shakes under your feet. You will find yourself pleased with the new way of life once the shift is over.

Archangel Raphael brings to you the Oracle of the ’empathetic’ and reminds you of the simplicity of the beautiful lotus. The lotus is the symbol of enlightenment, which sinks below water during the night, to be reborn in the light of day. Perhaps your empathy has waned recently and needs to be restored.

The summary of this message is that you are changing into a new being. You are committing to a new way of life. Therefore, you are not allowed to be harsh with yourself. Be gentle and kind to you as you would be with anyone else. Nurture this new you as you would a seedling.  Remember, you are a bringing a new life into creation.

Totem Tuesdays~Seahorse


Middle~ Acceptance + Manifest + Love


Cherry Heart– Innocence and inability to see one’s gifts is indicated, as well as the protection of spirit guides, good luck, and an increase in self-esteem and confidence.

Energetically, everything is falling into place. You are coming to the high point where you will find that you are able to easily manifest the people, situations, things, you need to carry you forward on your journey.

You will not manifest anything that is not a part of your Soul’s plan. Such as you can expect to receive abundance but you may not win the lottery.  You have unlimited potential because you are a creator who is naturally able to turn energy into physical manifestation. Use this power of manifestation to help you gain understanding about your purpose, to help you connect to the right people and/or organizations. Or even aid you in gaining the financial resources you require.

Beloved, you are a child of God and a peace lover at heart. This is an angelic signal informs you that a new love or a renewed love is dawning for you. Shift your perspective and look at the beauty around you. You are a human angel.

The summary of this message is that you have the power to change your circumstances. You may be unaware of this and may at times feel helpless. You need to realize that you are special and outcomes can and do change. Put a little muscle into it and watch your life bloom with love.  Be brave, be confident, be strong, be love!

Just for Fun~Cultivating Strength

It’s the 8th  month of the year and in tarot, Strength is the 8th card (some decks) of the Major Arcana. And usually, the Strength card has the symbolism of a lion. Lions represent Leo. So this just for fun tidbit is apropos.
Tuesday is ruled by Mars, the planet of strength and courage. Open both hands and look at your palms. In palmistry, the line encircling the base of the thumb is called the “line of Mars.” With your left index finger, trace the line of Mars on your right hand. Traditionally the right hand “sends” energy. Draw to mind all that you do and give, the work you undertake, the help you provide, the meals you cook, and the chores you complete. You are valuable.

Now stroke the line of Mars on your left hand with your right index finger. Allow yourself to breathe. Inhale and receive the energy of others. Feel how they support, hold, and help you. Know that you are loved, admired, desired, respected, and enjoyed. Traditionally the left hand “receives” energy.

Press your palms together in the middle of your chest, giving and receiving energy. You are your deepest source of strength and courage.

Right~ Miracle+ Vibrational + Romance


Sun Sparkler-The brightest of all thoughts reside in sun yellow, as natural radiance stems from pure integrity. Be honest and forthright no matter what. With the integrity of the sun, a miracle awaits. You instinctively know what is authentic, trust this.

You have incarnated for a very special reason. The core energy of who you are and the vibrational field you carry has a profound effect on all those with whom you come in contact.  You may or may not be aware of this.  There is nothing you need to do to make your energy stronger, better, or higher in frequency. It does not need to be activated, altered, or adjusted. It is all ready for all of those things. By believing that your energy needs to be improved, you are actually limiting the force and flow of it with thoughts od lack. You did not come to this earth to improve your energy. You have come to this earth to use your energy! You are an energetic powerhouse and this message is here to remind you of it. So it is time for you to reclaim your energy and the power you hold.

Archangel Zaphkiel is aware of the yearnings that currently exude your heart. Intuitively, he feels your strong desire in your emotional body for the joy of romance, whether it is new or in an existing relationship.  The Angels are returning you to a higher vibration of love, so do not cling to the idea of love from your past, and prepare to embark on a new way of loving.

The summary of this message is that you have or will soon attract the right “One” with your vibrational energy. And this person has the same energy signature as yourself. This will be the real deal and you will know it right off the bat. The Divine is working behind the scenes by lining up all the ducks in a row to make it happen for you. Continue being your authentic self and watch as your vibe will attract a member of your tribe.

This week’s messages come to you courtesy of the  Chakra Wisdom, Angels of Atlantis &  Return of Spirit Oracles


I do hope that this week’s messages resonated with you. If it hasn’t at first glance, then feel free to re-read them. There may be a deeper or hidden message specifically for you from your angels and/or guides. These messages may also apply to several people and/or the collective. That’s how Spirit Let me know though I would love to hear from you. Also, please share, reblog, and like. This way you will be paying it forward for others to receive this guidance. Follow Angels & Celestials on Instagram And on Facebook at


Messages from your Angels & Guides~ July 23-31, 2018

Good afternoon my loves! I’ve been home for a week now since my cruise. Truth be told, I was not ready to come home as I was enjoying myself to the max. I’m trying to adjust to being back in the big Enough about has your week been going?

As usual, after centering yourself, choose a card that you’re drawn to and receive your spiritual guidance for this week.  Left, Middle, or Right… scroll down for your reveal.



If you choose Left~ Angel of Finances


You are about to receive a substantial sum of money or a substantial stream of money is about to enter your life. This message comes to you because of your faith in the Universe and your strong commitment to your purpose.

The Angel of Finance is here to remind you that external wealth simply mirrors our internal beliefs. You can choose to see the world as lacking or you can see it as abundant.  Money is simply energy, a means of exchange which reflects your values and the way you view life.  Spend and invest your money in ways that help you further your true purpose and long-term goals, whatever they may be.

Totem Tuesday~ Turtle

There was a huge turtle swimming around the cruise ship once we were docked at the Royal Naval Dockyard. My father spotted the turtle while he was perched on the balcony of his stateroom. He kept calling me to come and see it. I missed it but I was able to see the turtle once my daughter and I disembarked from the ship to start exploring the island. And I was able to get a wonderful view of it because the water was crystal clear and so beautiful but I didn’t get a picture of it.   So this is why I chose the turtle for this week’s totem.



If you choose Middle~ Goddess of Oneness



Remember that love is not restricted by time or space and you are forever connected spiritually to those you love and care for. It is understandable that you may be physically saddened because you are physically apart from someone you dearly love.  Alternatively, you may be saddened by a loved one’s passing (recent or not) from the Earth Plane.  They are making their presence felt at this time. They have not left you and will never leave you; they are forever with you in spirit. The bonds of love can never be broken. Feel and acknowledge their presence, for they are with you in spirit now.

Just for Fun~Tarot Postcard Oracle


Use an old tarot deck or procure one from a used bookstore. Divide the deck into trumps and pips. Artfully glue each of the twenty-two trumps onto a fitting postcard. Decorate each postcard with symbols, interpretations, and the mythic associations of the card. Be sure to include your own message on the back. Place each postcard inside of an individual envelope with two random pips, then mix up all the envelopes. Finally, hand-deliver your twenty-two oracle posts to random people you encounter throughout the weekend. Inquire with care regarding accuracy.

If you choose Right~ Angel of Families



Do not worry about your family and/or loved ones for all will work out. The angels are surrounding you and your family at this time. Feel their love and light and know that both you and your loved ones are forever held in the eternal embrace of love. Surrender your fears and any concerns you may have for your family, a family member or a loved one to the angels and know that the situation is being healed and transformed right now.

Gently close your eyes. Feel and visualize those you love being bathed in light and love. Imagine beams of love emanating from your heart and mind, infusing and surrounding each family member and loved one with beautiful healing energy. In turn, feel the light and love they emanate to you in return and thank the angels for their assistance.

This week’s messages come to you courtesy of the Angels, Gods & Goddesses Oracle.

I do hope that this week’s messages resonated with you. If it hasn’t at first glance, then feel free to re-read them. There may be a deeper or hidden message specifically for you from your angels and/or guides. These messages may also apply to several people and/or the collective. That’s how Spirit Let me know though I would love to hear from you. Also, please share, reblog, and like. This way you will be paying it forward for others to receive this guidance. Follow Angels & Celestials on Instagram And on Facebook at

Messages from your Angels & Guides~ July 9-16, 2018

Good afternoon peeps! I am presently boarding the Norweigan Escape departing for Bermuda. Trust me I am long overdue for a vacation. I’m definitely looking forward to it and hoping to bring lots of seashells home as well as a nice tan.

Anyway, I thought it fitting to talk about the symbolism of ships.


Boat. The boat represents a journey, a crossing, adventure, and exploration. … Crossing the SEA can be viewed as being symbolic of making the journey across life; therefore, a boat can be seen as that which enables us to make such a journey, whether it be faith, education, desire, curiosity, or any other such motivation.

Choose a word ~

Sail,  Beach, Sun

As you can see I have a nautical theme going on here… lol

Scroll down for your reveals~

If you chose Sail~ Aura of Love + Embrace


A new opportunity is coming your way, but in order to grasp it, you must love, accept and embrace the many aspects of your personality.

You can do this by listing all the things you like about you and then listing all the things you don’t like. These are usually the things you try to hide from others, feel uncomfortable about or are ashamed of. List everything, good or bad, that you think describes you. Look carefully at the list of things you don’t like. Now find at least two positives for every negative thing you listed. In reality, there are much more than a couple, but two will do for now. Then go through the qualities in your original list of positives and find at least two negatives for each positive. With practice, you will come to realize that every positive has negatives attached to it and vice versa. Every quality you possess serves a valuable purpose in your life. Accepting and loving the negatives and positives equally leads to wholeness and balance and through this you are better able to see and grasp the opportunities that life constantly presents. 

Mermaid Dreams~


Seeing mermaid in a dream symbolizes love, peace in married life, happiness and gladness.

To dream that you are mermaid symbolizes new love, new lease of life. If the dreamer is married it indicates that he will become happy and get a good news unexpected. If the dreamer is bachelor it indicates that he will meet a good person and keep company with her emotionally.

To see that someone is a mermaid in a dream indicates that uneasiness in the family will be forgotten in time.

To dream that you are swimming with mermaid symbolizes abjurement. To see that mermaid is swimming with someone it indicates that you will try to correct a mistake that had been made.

Talking with a mermaid in a dream indicates that you will overcome your problems with your partner in a short time. To see that someone is talking with mermaid it indicates that peace in the family will dominate.

If you chose Beach~ Holiday + Heaven on Earth



Both heaven and hell exist on earth, but only in our minds, for both are created through our thoughts, actions, and intentions. This message is pointing to the fact that you have helped create a disturbing situation in your life, by giving power to something you did not have to give power to. Regardless of who or what is bothering you, the current situation can be transformed if you cease to give it power. Focus on the positive and instead of plugging into another’s negativity plug into the power of light and love. Send light and love to all concerned and visualize yourself energetically detaching from them. You can start to create heaven on earth right now by simply making love your focus. In doing so, you will attract loving people and situations into your life. 

Just for Fun~ A Mermaid Meditation

Get comfortable, and in a quiet space where you won’t be bothered. After getting into the zone repeat, “Oh mermaid side of me, show yourself through what I do and speak.” As you repeat this, imagine the sea washing over you. (In fact, you can have ocean wave music playing on your iPod.) And just like Ariel transforms into glittery foam when she gets legs, imagine that happening to you, with the full moon shining down on you. The key here is visualization. When the moon is shining upon you say, “Oh moon, you hold the powerful energies within us mermaids, release your power, come to me, so I can finally be the creature never seen under the deep blue sea.” Then it shines. Imagine you jumping into the ocean, and swimming in the clear crisp water. When you are done, return to the shore and say, “As I got back and forth in my forms, may both sides be always balanced as one.” Slowly come out of the meditation.

(this is not my own work)

If you chose Sun~ Electra + Universal Heart



Stare into the face on this card. What is it reflecting back to you? Meditate upon this image. After a while, you will see that the human face disappears and all you see is stars and galaxies. A space of infinite creation and possibility lies beyond your thoughts. This Universal Heart message reflects the infinite creativity and endless possibility within you. All is possible for you; It is simply up to you to choose. 

 So I’m off and ready for sun and fun.  And lots of good times aboard the ship and in Bermuda. Wish me luck!!     Until next time my loves…….

This week’s messages come to you courtesy of the Universal Love and Spirit Oracles.

I do hope that this week’s messages resonated with you. If it hasn’t at first glance, then feel free to re-read them. There may be a deeper or hidden message specifically for you from your angels and/or guides. These messages may also apply to several people and/or the collective. That’s how Spirit Let me know though I would love to hear from you. Also, please share, reblog, and like. This way you will be paying it forward for others to receive this guidance. Follow Angels & Celestials on Instagram And on Facebook at

Messages from your Angels & Guides~ July 2-9, 2018



July’s Theme~ Creativity

“Creativity is my natural state of being; I am immersed in endless possibilities.”


Fourth of July is upon us and we are already halfway through 2018.  What are your plans for the Fourth? At this moment, I don’t have a clue as to what I am going to be doing.. lol

Whatever, you’re doing I hope it’s fun and exciting. But be careful and stay safe.

Sooo you know how this goes…Right? Take a moment to relax and focus on the image.

Choose left, middle, or right.  And here you will find your message for the upcoming week.  Scroll down as usual for your reveal.




If you choose Left~ Solar Powered + Smoky Quartz + No Need to Worry


Here comes the Sun! Clear, beautiful light is shining on everything right now. All you need unfolds easily before you. Decisions are a snap as you pirouette into the ease of your own power, of your own unlimited connection to the Universe. You can bask in this, knowing that light shines on everything you need to know today.

This is a time to begin clearing negativity from your life. This energy can be from your past or something that is happening right now.

whatever the case may be, you are due for some self-care and love. Prayers definitely work, as well as saging, sea salt baths. And having a Smoky Quartz on hand. Spending time in nature is very beneficial as well.

Your worries and concerns regarding your questions are unnecessary, as God and your angels have the situation in hand, and everything is going to turn out perfectly! Visualize loving and caring outcomes, and keep your thoughts positive. Very soon, you will wonder why you were worrying about this at all!

Get out there and get some sun in.  Those with health issues should start seeing improvements.

Totem Tuesday~ Raccoon


I didn’t take this picture, however I do ride this subway line. Crazy…because I never saw a raccoon in the city. Though my father says they visit his backyard all the time.. lol

Anyways, let’s hear what the Raccoon has to say…


If you chose the Middle~ Just Say “Know” + Aquamarine + Abundance




The Divine Buzz. Everybody has a different phrasing for it: Being in the now. A connection with all that is. Living in the moment. Here’s the thing–there are no words to explain it. But baby, you know you can feel it. Savor it for all it’s worth.

Following your heart will lead you into the right direction. Yes, you may need to use your head to do some planning and partnering up with others have strengths complimentary to your own.

Doing what you love is the source of your passion. Do you enjoy writing, counseling your friends, being with animals and nature, cooking, artistry, teaching children, doing healing work, or conducting research?

God and your guardian angels are reassuring you that the love you feel is a sign that this path of action is your life purpose.

Great abundance is finding its way into your life! Your plans will yield prosperity and provide you with a sense of security. The angels are with you and they are helping you manifest your dream life.

Abundance is not always financial in nature. You may be seeking to manifest new ideas, a large circle of friends, vibrant health or romantic love.  This period can reflect an inflow of any of these treasures into your life.  Open your arms to Heaven to receive with gratitude that which you desire.

Spirit is saying that right now you are like Midas and everything  you touch turns to gold. You have been given a new lease on life as you  begin to see doors that were closed previously open up. You have a new and divine mission so don’t waste this opportunity.

Just for Fun~ Aquamarine, Larimar, Smoky Quartz Uses.

Image result for Aquamarine uses
It is calming, soothing, and cleansing, and inspires truth, trust and letting go. In ancient lore, Aquamarine was believed to be the treasure of mermaids, and was used by sailors as a talisman of good luck, fearlessness and protection. It was also considered a stone of eternal youth and happiness.

Image result for larimar uses

Larimar is said to enlighten and heal in a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual way. It stimulates the heart, throat, third eye and crown chakras facilitating inner wisdom and outer manifestation. It represents peace and clarity, radiating healing and love energy.


Image result for smoky quartz uses
Smoky Quartz, usually with Dolomite or other minerals attached that enhance its shielding and detoxifyingproperties. It gently heals emotional conditions and trauma, overcomes lack of trust, and supports one in coping with stress and strain.

If you chose Right~ Talkin’ Smack + Larimar+ It’s Up To You


That “small thinking” you’ve been doing?  Get over it. There is no reason to compare yourself to others, because there is no other like you.  The only person capable of putting you down is…… you. So all that remains are three little questions: Why? Why? Why?

You’ve been feeling extra sensitive right now. Perhaps empathically picking up other’s feelings, thoughts, and emotions have compounded the emotions you are already dealing with.  Have you felt upset without knowing why? Or maybe it is something from your past that has got you down? Be compassionate with yourself at this time. Avoid harsh energies and use discernment about where and with whom you spend time. Negate those negative nellies.

Everything is in your hands and you can take proactive steps to solving any challenges which can change outcomes. Stand in your own power and stand in confidence. You have what it takes to get the happy ending you deserve! Once again, there is no need to wait for anyone to give you permission to make changes in your own life.  In order to come successful conclusion, this situation requires your unique experience and perspective.

Don’t let life get you down. And don’t carry the burdens of others. People must take responsibility and own their stuff.  You are not anyone’s punching bag. It is time to put you first.

This week’s messages come to you courtesy of  Angel Answers, Crystal Angels Oracles and The Oracle of “E”.

I do hope that this week’s messages resonated with you. If it hasn’t at first glance, then feel free to re-read them. There may be a deeper or hidden message specifically for you from your angels and/or guides. These messages may also apply to several people and/or the collective. That’s how Spirit Let me know though I would love to hear from you. Also, please share, reblog, and like. This way you will be paying it forward for others to receive this guidance. Follow Angels & Celestials on Instagram And on Facebook at





Messages from your Angels & Guides~June 25-July 1, 2018

Good afternoon lovely ones! Now that it is officially the summer season. All seems right in my world… lol, I spent the day of the Summer Solstice allowing to the sun to recharge me.  It is the longest day of the year and what better way than to spend a moment basking in the sun’s light. I also burned a bay leaf for healing and purification.  Speaking of purification, Trees are nature’s purifiers. Trees also play a very big part in cleaning the environment of particles by absorbing harmful greenhouse gasses, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide and ground-level ozone. It is estimated that one tree can absorb almost 10 pounds of polluted air every year and release 260 pounds of oxygen.

So I was guided to use trees to pass on this week’s Spiritual guidance.

Choose a tree:

Ash, Elder, Spruce


Scroll down for your reveals.





Your message for Ash is~




The Symbolism of Trees~

In this way, the tree of life is a symbol of a fresh start in life, positive energy, good health and a bright future. As a symbol of immortality. A tree grows old, yet it bears seeds that contain its very essence and in this way, the tree becomes immortal. As a symbol of growth and strength.

To dream of a tree is a symbolic meaning of life. The tree is a representation of how life grows and the connection to your family and relatives. In particular, this dream represents different elements of your self-development through your experiences in waking life.

Your message for Elder is ~







Close your eyes and center your awareness in your heart.

Begin to take some slow deep breaths and set the intention that you are breathing in love and light.

As you breathe out, you are letting go of all your cares, worries, doubts and fears. Breathing out anything that isn’t serving you at this time.

Letting go and relaxing with deep levels of love.

Filling yourself up with more and more light.

Picture yourself in a brilliant pillar of pure light. This light is coming from an infinite source above your head and flowing all the way down into the very core of mother earth.

As you are filled with light, you begin to radiate light all around you, so that the light coming in is amplified within your heart and sent out as a vibration to every living being in creation.

Become acutely aware of your physical body. Focus on the sensations that your physical body is feeling at this moment.

Feel the weight of your body on the chair, the bed or the floor where you sit or lay during this meditation.

Feel the sensation of the clothing against your skin, the temperature of the air around you.

Imagine you can feel a tingling sensation in the tips of your toes and your fingertips, as your vibration begins to raise.

Become aware of the sole of your feet, and imagine that you are growing roots, like the roots of a tree, out of the bottom of the soles of your feet.

Imagine these roots are growing down into the earth. Through the grass and past the rocks into the soil, the minerals beneath the surface of the earth. Smell the fresh soil and the moisture of the earth as your roots delve even deeper down.

Past the rubies, the diamonds, the gold and silver and all the treasures contained within the earth.

Down into the earth’s crust and bursting through into the molten lava at the core of the earth. Feel the intense warmth at the center of the earth.

Imagine a crystal cave in the very heart of the earth and extend your roots now into that cave, wrapping your roots around the beautiful diamond representing the heart of mother earth.

Feel a warm, golden honey light traveling up through those roots now, into your feet, your calves, your shins, up and over your knees, the back of the knees, up into the thighs and hamstrings.

Feel this honey golden light washing up into and over your hips, buttocks, pelvis, and into your sacral area.

Traveling up into your abdomen, lower back, your waist, upper body, chest, flowing your heart with a delicious golden warmth.

Feel the golden warmth now spreading over your whole chest area, up into your shoulder, down your arms and spreading into your fingertips.

Feel it flowing up your neck, your throat, your jaw – relaxing all of your muscles – as it flows into your face, over the back of your head, filling your entire face and head all the way up to your crown.

As your whole body is now immersed in this golden liquid honey light. So warm and delicious. So nurturing and comforting. So loving and calm.

Feel the golden light now completely mixing and integrating with the pure light coming in from above, so you are now fully enveloped in a beautiful pillar of golden-white energy, with those roots stilled wrapped around the crystal at the center of the earth.

Feel your heart begin to beat in time with the primal heartbeat of the earth mother.

With every primal heartbeat, pulses of light are being sent up through your roots and into your body. Feel this light flowing in waves up your body and when it reaches the top of the crown of your head, feel it flow up and out like the branches of a tree.

Imagine your body is the trunk of the tree and extend your branches of light ever upwards in your mind’s eye.

Feel, sense or imagine these branches growing up into infinity until they touch the light of God / Source / the Divine.

As your branches connect with the pure light of the Divine, light travels down your branches and into your body.

Down through the crown of your head, washing over your face, the back of your head, your neck and throat. Washing over your shoulders, down your arms, and into your fingertips.

The pure light of Source is spreading out over your chest and flowing into your heart where, again, the golden light from mother earth mixes and integrates with the pure light from Source. With every breath, your heart is opening and expanding more and more.

Breather the light from the source down even further into your body. Let it wash down ver and through your ribs, upper back, down over your waist, your lower back, abdomen, pelvis, hips, and buttock.

Flowing down into your thighs, hamstrings, knees, calves, shins, and right down into your feet to the very tips of your toes.

Feel yourself now as this glorious tree of golden-white light – representing the tree of life!

Feel your roots connected into mother earth and your branches stretching up to the source.

Feel your connection to everything in existence. Feel grounded and protected in this light. This is your light. This is your Divine self.

Imagine now that you are walking in a beautiful woodland. You are surrounded by all the creature and animals of the earth. And all the magical creatures have come to join you – fairies flit around you, unicorns walk beside you.

Through the dappled light piercing through the foliage, you spy a huge ancient tree. It is growing in a clearing and around its base is a circle of flowers.

You ask the wise and ancient tree’s permission to enter the sacred circle and the tree invites you to place your hand upon its trunk and feel the rough surface of it’s bark.

You can feel sparks of light being showered over you from the tree and it telepathically invites you to wrap your arms around its trunk.

As you allow yourself to embrace the wise tree in a full hug, you breathe in the smell of its freshness and you feel your lungs filling with fresh oxygen.

You feel revived and renewed on all levels.

You turn and sit within the circle of blossoms at tree’s base, with your back resting against its trunk.

In the cool shade of the tree, you feel anchored and grounded as you tune into the sounds and sensations of the forest. You can hear birdsong, the rustle of the leaves and you can feel the cool breeze against your cheek as the warm sun beats down upon your brow and warms your shoulders.

Spend a moment in the forest, connecting to nature, as insects whip past your ears, and animals grazing nearby. After a moment, you doze off…

[Allow 3-5 mins here for the participants to go deeply into the experience]

As slowly you begin to rows from sleep, you become aware that you are back in the room where you began this meditation and you start to connect back with the sensations that your physical body is giving you in this moment.

Taking a few deep breaths, draw your roots back up into your feet from the center of the earth. And you draw your branches back in towards you from source. Finding yourself again in a pillar of light, letting go of the image of you as the tree and connecting to yourself as a human being once again.

You now become more and more aware of the shape of your physical body, the weight of your body, the pressure of your body as it sits or lies as you do in this meditation.

You feel the clothes against your skin, the air in the room around you, and allow these sensations to bring you all the way back into the now moment.

Center your awareness in your heart space and allow your awareness to expand and become body-shaped once again.

Open your eyes when you are ready.

(Courtesy of

Your message for Spruce is~





This week’s messages come to you courtesy of Nature’s Gift to us —-Trees and the Runes.

I do hope that this week’s messages resonated with you. If it hasn’t at first glance, then feel free to re-read them. There may be a deeper or hidden message specifically for you from your angels and/or guides. These messages may also apply to several people and/or the collective. That’s how Spirit Let me know though I would love to hear from you. Also, please share, reblog, and like. This way you will be paying it forward for others to receive this guidance. Follow Angels & Celestials on Instagram And on Facebook at

Messages from your Angels & Guides~ June 18-25, 2018


I know I am a bit late, but better late never..right?

Can you believe that Summer is upon us? After that super long winter and rainy Spring. I know I am ready for the summer season. The beach is calling me…


The theme for June is Confidence.

Affirm: ” I am bold and confident. I live with divine audacity.”



So you know what to do… Choose the card that calls out to you. The one you choose is the correct one for you at this time.





Scroll down for the reveal…




 And a Happy Father’s Day to all of the loving dads out there!


If you chose the card on the left~ Happiness


Choosing happiness and creating more of it are acts of conscious will. We can all understand that life will sometimes throw things at us that can be difficult to deal with, but even in these circumstances, it is possible to keep the discomfort, or even suffering, to a minimum by choosing to see the positive in your situation. Painful things will happen from time to time; how long that pain lasts will be up to you.

A big part of your journey in this life is to simply find out what it is that makes you truly happy and then do more of it. Ultimately, most people find that it is the simpler things in life that bring true happiness along with a form of self-expression that they have a flair for, such as gardening or writing the occasional poem.

Take a bit of time now to contemplate the things that give you true feelings of happiness in your heart. Take the necessary action to include more of that in your life. Choose happy thoughts, attitudes, and perspectives. Spread happiness to others and be open to receive it back. Choose happiness now and every priceless day of your life.

 Totem Tuesday~ Moose

If you chose the card in the middle~  Life Journey


If you are currently feeling frustrated or stuck in any area of your life, your Angels & Spirit Guides would like to encourage you to look at this ‘treading water’ period in a much more positive light. Often we place too much emphasis on activity and being busy all the time because it can give us the illusion of progress. Even the most experienced sailor must stop to consult his navigation charts and do his calculations on a regular basis. For without the discipline required for navigating our lives, we run the risk of becoming lost or even foundering upon the rocks.

It may be that you simply need to rest for a little while before going headlong into the next project. Acknowledging yourself for what you’ve already achieved will also be important at this time. It may be that there is still something else you need to learn, understand, accept or even let go of before you can move forward meaningfully again. Or, it may simply be that Divine Timing has not yet come into play and that patience is required. In your heart, you will know what factors are at play.

Instead of feeling frustrated, try blessing the plateau that you are resting on and notice all the views it now affords. Review your life in the ways we have mentioned above, and do the necessary consolidation and preparation. Then, when you are truly ready, start the next leg of your journey with one small step. REmind yourself that even though the mind may be impatient, your soul knows that you have already come a long, long way.

Just for Fun~ Feel Beautiful Meditation

Click here to listen to Feel Beautiful Meditation


If you chose the card on the right~ Beauty


20180611_103935It seems these days that everybody is searching for some form of healing. Something to alleviate their stress and make life more pleasant. Many people feel that life is difficult, taking much effort and exhausting their spirit with the daily trials of survival.

Inner beauty and the sheer beauty of a simple life are often eclipsed by the relentless demands of a consumption addicted society.  As we fall prey to our need to ‘keep up with the Joneses’ it is easy to forget that true beauty is an internal as well as external thing.

You are being asked now to create some beauty in your life and your world. Put color on walls that have been grey or white for too long. Place flowers in the office or wear something feminine to work. Men can wear beautifully patterned ties or exchange their suits for a sensual linen shirt and pants.  Do something beautiful for or with someone you love. Drop critical words from your thoughts and speech. Eat fresh food that is bursting with life and encourage Nature to re-emerge whenever she has been dominated.

Beauty lifts the spirit and heals the soul. It is the natural language of our spirit, not a commodity to be bought and sold. Be creative today and do all you can to make this world an even better place.


This week’s messages come to you courtesy of The You Are Clairvoyant Oracle.

I do hope that this week’s messages resonated with you. If it hasn’t at first glance, then feel free to re-read them. There may be a deeper or hidden message specifically for you from your angels and/or guides. These messages may also apply to several people and/or the collective. That’s how Spirit Let me know though I would love to hear from you. Also, please share, reblog, and like. This way you will be paying it forward for others to receive this guidance. Follow Angels & Celestials on Instagram And on Facebook at

Messages from your Angels & Guides~ May 27- June 3, 2018


Good afternoon beautiful ones!

First, let me start off by saying, Happy Memorial Day!  My father’s younger brother was killed in Vietnam 2 years before I was born. I never knew him, I only saw pictures of him and his name on the Vietnam War memorial in Washington D.C.  I do know he sacrificed his life at 19 years old(on Father’s Day at that) for this country. And so I want to thank those like my uncle, who have made the supreme sacrifice for our freedom.

This weekend is a time for barbecues. And it is also the season for the local beaches to officially open and the  Coney Island Amusements as well. I know that Six Flags Great Adventure is already open.  But the forecast is declaring spots of rain for Sunday and Monday.   And the fleet has arrived on Wednesday for Fleet Week and there are sailors galore.  Rain doesn’t stop me, so I will most likely be out and about enjoying this long weekend… lol What are your plans for this weekend?

Enough rambling lol,  here are your choices for this week’s guidance.

Choose one of the images below, the one that draws you in immediately. That is the message for you this week. Scroll down for your reveal.


If you chose the card on the left~  Turquoise is the message you have received.

 *Speaking One’s Truth * Clear Communication *Purification*



Don’t be afraid to speak your truth. A situation that is causing you concern can easily be resolved by simply expressing how you truly feel. You will not hurt or upset anyone bt speaking your truth. In fact, speaking your truth has the opposite effect of what you think. By communicating your feelings and preferences clearly and honestly all concerned will be relieved. At present, others are rather confused because they sense that all is not the way you are purporting it to be.

This magical Turquoise crystal will help you ease fear you have regarding clear and true communication with either yourself or others.  Turquoise is a stone for self-forgiveness, self-acceptance and the release of useless regrets. It encourages us to honor ourselves as a creation and a tool of the Divine. Turquoise is a strengthening stone, good for exhaustion, depression, or panic attacks. It enhances physical and psychic immune systems, supporting the assimilation of nutrients, alleviating pollution and viral infections.

Turquoise is a stone for finding wholeness and truth, and communicating and manifesting those qualities. It stimulates and harmonizes the Throat Chakra, making it easier to articulate and bring forth one’s deepest wisdom. Turquoise empowers those who are shy about sharing their understanding and aids in the knowledge that in speaking from the wholeness of our being, we each have something important to contribute to the collective.

Totem Tuesdays~ Turtle Dove


I always see these cuties in pairs.  Turtle Doves also known as Mourning Doves, symbolizes devotion, fidelity, faithfulness, and love. Like Swans, they form life-long bonds with their mates.  That’s why the Turtledove makes a perfect match for the golden bells and the wedding and all the other happy, stable images pertaining to weddings. They also represent peace and stability.

The perfect Christmas present to share with a close friend. “Turtle doves are a symbol of friendship  Keep one and give the other to a very special person. As long as each of you has your turtle dove, you will be friends forever.

These doves hold a special place in folklore and mythology. Noah released a dove from his ark, and when the bird returned with an olive branch, he knew the land was near.


To the Native Americans, the mourning dove represents spirit and communication with the spirit. They believe that when the mourning dove appears, there will be opportunities and messages for growth. They were also believed to be harbingers of death, but only if seen under extremely unusual circumstances.

Gypsy folklore believes that doves are messengers of love, linking our hearts to the spirit world.

Turtledoves are said to encourage healing after one lets go of emotional baggage. They represent forgiveness, release, peace, and finally moving on, or forward.

Associations for the Turtle Dove:

~ Ascension ~ Brings peace and love ~ Communicates bet. two worlds

~ Devotion ~ Divinity ~ Grace ~ Holiness ~ Hopefulness ~ Love

~ Maternal ~ Messenger ~ Peace ~ Promise ~ Prophecy ~ Purification

~ Sacrifice ~ Spirit messenger ~ Transition period ~ Understanding of gentleness


If you chose the card in the middle~ Entangled is the message you have received.


You would probably call what’s about to happen synchronicity. Or maybe even coincidence. Au contraire!  The Big Truth is, you are already connected to everything and everyone. Quantum physics has its own name for it: entanglement. The reason it appears that all ducks are lining up on your behalf right now is that because you’re finally paying attention. Let the games begin.

Angel Number 13~ Ascended Masters ask you to stay positive and give them any fears or doubts that they can heal and transmute. This number also means the sacred feminine, the goddess, and the intuitive side as there are 13 moon cycles in a year.



Just for Fun~A Visualization for Success in Your Day

Do you ever wake up feeling exhausted or insecure? Sometimes our bodies go into healing mode during sleep, making it difficult to meet the demands of the day. If this occurs, try scheduling some extra sleepy time in the near future. In the meantime, give this visualization a try.

Take a few minutes to stretch the muscles, perform Hatha ( physical) yoga, and otherwise get the blood flowing. Take a shower, drink some tea or coffee, and start your day. To give yourself an additional boost of energy to succeed despite the lethargy, pull energy from the ground and sky. If you are on your way to work or an appointment, take a quick minute to put your bare feet on the earth and use your hands to draw up Mother Earth’s healing essence. Next, reach upward and pull in the boundless energy of Father Sky. Visualize the two energies swirling in your chest and radiating throughout your body and mind. Breathe deeply. Conclude by giving thanks and saying:

“As above, so below.
As within, so without.”

If you chose the card on the right~ Angels is the message you have received.


This a sign from your guardian angels that they have been with you throughout your soul’s history. In between each lifetime, your angels work with you to review the lessons you’ve just learned.

They also help you prepare and plan for your next lifetime. Your guardian angels know all of the details of every lifetime, and they can help you gently recall significant memories that will you allow you to heal in your present life. Call upon your angels as you’re falling asleep to reveal relevant memories while you’re sleeping. When you wake up, you may not recall all of the details of your dream. However, once you’re prepared to consciously remember your past, the material will be given to you. You’ll only remember what you’re emotionally able to handle.

You can also call upon Archangels Michael (for courage and strength), Raphael (for healing) and Raziel ( to help divine secrets and mysteries) for their help in guiding you with past life issues.

This week’s messages come to you courtesy of The Past Life, The Crystal Oracles and The Oracle of “E”.

I do hope that this week’s messages resonated with you. If it hasn’t at first glance, then feel free to re-read them. There may be a deeper or hidden message specifically for you from your angels and/or guides. These messages may also apply to several people and/or the collective. That’s how Spirit Let me know though I would love to hear from you. Also, please share, reblog, and like. This way you will be paying it forward for others to receive this guidance. Follow Angels & Celestials on Instagram And on Facebook at

Messages from your Angels & Guides~May 13-20, 2018



This week’s blog post will be short and sweet as I am off to spend the day with my family for Mother’s Day.


On Thursday, I had a dream of a manta ray.  I’m not too fond of this sea creature because well, for one thing, they creep me out… lol  So as I said I had this dream and I wouldn’t have put too much thought into it. But later on, that morning as  I  was walking home from the store, I came across this manta ray stuffed animal on the ground.  See below-



Now my attention was fully engaged as I see the universe is definitely trying to get my attention. So when I got home I Google dream symbolism of manta ray, manta ray spirit totem.

Here is what I gleaned from Google about Manta Ray


Manta Ray Dream Symbol -Dreaming of manta ray symbolizes your ability to navigate the emotional highs and lows without stressing out too much. When manta ray swims into your dreams it is a sign that secrets hidden deep within your soul are rising to the surface.

You have a deep connection to your subconscious so know you need to deal with this head on before it becomes an issue. It is a time to take a closer look at yourself. What do you really want out of life? Are you currently on the right path? What do you need to do to achieve success?

The Manta Ray is a totem, just as are all animals. It represents a smooth journey. If you dream about a manta ray, it might be your personal totem. By keeping a likeness of it around, you will gain extra strength and be better equipped to face the challenges that life throws at you.



Manta Ray spirit animal symbolizes grace, flow, and calibration.


Manta Rays are sensitive to the flow of energy and can help you be more efficient at tapping into this flow and dance with it.


They can show you how to notice the nuances of energetic currents and adjust accordantly so you don’t waste your energy.


Manta Rays are ‘birds’ of the sea as they gracefully glide through the water near the surface as well as skirt right over the sandy bottom.


They teach us to navigate the different depths of our emotional waters with grace.


They are also excellent at directing abundance to themselves as they swim with their mouths wide open – reminding us to go out into the world with our hearts wide open.


Lessons In Wild Play
Nature is a master teacher. Research your animal’s habits in the wild and try playing & acting as it. How could this help shift your experiences?

Manta Ray’s are susceptible to external parasites so they often visit cleaning stations where other fish clear them of debris. Make sure you surround yourself with healthy positive friends often to help protect and encourage you. A time to have fun, refresh and shake off any negative energy that has been accumulating on you.

Manta Ray’s mate during the full moon. Give it a try! You could be extra sensitive to the power of love during the full moon.

Manta rays have an impressive heat exchange system within their veins that allows them to keep their temperature more stable than most fish while diving deep. This indicates that you have the ability to dive deeper into your emotions while still remaining present and aware. Keep practicing each time you dive deeper.




The manta ray serves as a reminder to not take things in life for granted. From a numerical perspective, this totem animal suggests solid relationships as it is a water based totem. There is focus on stability and security in life.

One can call upon this totem animal to begin a journey in life to help others. Overcoming obstacles is important as the manta ray is focused on giving decisions presented to him. Many meditate using this animal totem for short-term answers to problems, especially in love.

The Moche people show their devotion to the sea and its animals, artifacts found on their site often include a manta ray. Manta rays are known to be a gentle creature but despite that two movies were created showing the opposite behavior of a manta ray.

Manta Rays can give you an effortless poise and a sense of direction. If a time comes that you feel trapped and you don’t know where to go, summon the healing power of mantra and it will grant you the right path toward the thing you are seeking for, it can be peace, happiness or success on life that you’ve been waiting for.

They can also grant you the confidence to adapt and excel in any type of environment. Mantra people often feel welcome to a new environment, they have the ability to attract people and love them, not in a romantic way but more as a friendly gesture. They have this extra light in them that just affects everyone, that’s why other people want to be their company.

Manta rays stand for trust and guidance. Trust on what you believe is right and that it will guide you to the right path. Do what you think is right and what will make you happy. Trust yourself and yourself alone, if on your way you saw your most respected teacher and advise you to stop, do not listen to him. Believe in your core values and everything will be just fine.

People who have manta rays as their totem spirit often have a different sensation when something is not going so well. They can feel if there is a threat to them which gives them the ability to evade unfortunate events before it even happened.

Manta Rays are a reminder for us not to be afraid. There are a lot of things to be scared of, I am well aware of that, but this feeling is limiting us on growing and improving our self. These are unnecessary feelings that will just serve as a hindrance to our path. There is no way we can get rid of that feeling, the closest thing we can do is to assure our self that everything will be just fine.

Manta rays show as an animal spirit when…

You are lost, and you don’t know where to go.
When you are seeking for grace.
One needs the confidence to fit in a new environment.
When you are simply scared.
When there is a danger nearby.
Call on Manta Rays as an animal spirit when…

You are seeking for the right direction.
Keeping yourself steady under pressure.
You need to adapt to a new surrounding.
When you need a courage.
You need to protect your safety.


Manta Ray is the dream and totem animal message for the collective this week.

I was obviously on a roll in regards to signs from the Universe. Remember when I told you in a previous post that I am a huge believer in omens, signs, and symbols. Right before I spotted the stuffed manta ray in the crossroads, I saw a white truck drive by with the name Inner Gaze on it with black letters. Something about that just stood out to me.

Your message regarding Inner Gaze is to turn your gaze inward and softly. Your third eye is ready for you to see what is directly in front of you. It is safe for you to see and receive messages from the Spirit world. Inner Gaze also means for you that by turning your gaze inward you are now able to see yourself as a wonderful creation of the Divine. You see your true self. And you are beautiful and most magnificent as you truly are.

The truck is a sign of moving forward in your life to bigger and better things. You’re about to receive a delivery from the Universe. The color white symbolizes heavenly messengers. And the color black represents a space created for the pure potential to thrive.


Lastly, here is the message of  Mirror to sum it up your week.




Take a moment to see the truth about a person or situation that you’ve been hiding from yourself. Tune into your honest feelings.  Mirror dreams reveal what’s real in your relationships and circumstances. They usually occur when you’re in denial about something.

  • Archangel Jophiel is associated with this symbol. (She sees beauty in all things.)
  • Take time to view this situation from a different perspective or angle.
  • The beauty you see around you is a reflection of you.
  • See the innocence within yourself.

courtesy of Angel Dreams Oracle

I do hope that this week’s messages resonated with you. If it hasn’t at first glance, then feel free to re-read them. There may be a deeper or hidden message specifically for you from your angels and/or guides. These messages may also apply to several people and/or the collective. That’s how Spirit Let me know though I would love to hear from you. Also, please share, reblog, and like. This way you will be paying it forward for others to receive this guidance. Follow Angels & Celestials on Instagram And on Facebook at

Messages from your Angels & Guides~May 1-8, 2018

Bonne apres-midi yes a good afternoon to you all! Hope you’re doing well and life is being kind to you.

A big shout out to the merry month of May. Let there be no more blizzards nor rainstorms that requires a Noah’s Ark for traveling. Let Spring finally be



May’s Mantra~ I am Inspired to do all that is mine to do!

Now onto your weekly guidance–

Choose a number:




And of course as usual scroll down for your reveal.



 If you chose 1~ Your message is Epiphany/Higher Self

Inspiration* Breakthrough* Revelation* Divine Guidance



Congratulations! You’re finally “getting out of your head” and connecting more directly with your soul. The flow between you and your Higher Self is getting stronger every day, allowing you to access your Spirit Guides, Angels, Spiritual Teachers more readily. As contact with your Higher Self deepens, answers will suddenly pop into your consciousness, like gifts from above. Your “aha” moments will appear with greater frequency, like lightbulbs switching on over your head. Over and over, you will find yourself in the right place at the right time.  You’re being gifted with endless spiritual direction and a deeper understanding of your soul’s journey.

Angel Number 18~ Think only thoughts of abundance and prosperity, as your thoughts are manifesting very quickly now.

Totem Tuesday~Cheetah

Sometimes you have to extend your self and take a little bit of risk in order to reach your goals.



Cheetah is reminding you that things are moving at great speed for you right now. Keep yourself focused on your direction and on your goal in order to find the most direct way of achieving your dreams. Occasionally you will have to focus on all aspects of a plan and be a little more flexible in the revisions in order to attain your goal. Be clear about your intention and what it is you are trying to create. Be aware of spreading yourself a bit too thin in trying to accomplish too much or having too many goals at the same time.

If Cheetah is your Animal Totem;

You have a great capacity for empathy and know exactly how to respond to the hurt, pain, and suffering of others. You are fearless in the art of tough love and will tell it exactly as it is but have a way of saying these things so that the “punch” is removed from the delivery. You also respond quickly and instantly to all opportunities as well as dangers in your life. You have a tendency to be solitary and are very choosy as to who you trust and bond with.

If Cheetah has come to your Dream;

To see a Cheetah chasing you in your dream suggests that you may need to get up out of that chair and get moving.Be more active in pursuit of your goals. It could also be letting you know that you cannot outrun your current problems or situation. You will not be able to escape them and will have to take some sort of action.

It could also symbolize that something is missing in your life – or that you somehow feel that you are missing the mark as far as your purpose in life goes.

Alternatively, a Cheetah may appear in your dream when you are trying to move on in life and something keeps bringing you back to the same dilemma

Additional Associations for Cheetah:

Accelerating Time






Keenness Of Sight


Self Esteem




If you chose 2~Your message is Creativity/Creativity Guides

Patience* Practice* Reevaluation* Assessment


Your Creativity Guides are advising you that there’s no way to avoid risk if you wish to live a creative life. Stop worrying about making the right & wrong choices, and view all of them as creative opportunities. Be glad you have the freedom to make choices at all, and realize that no matter what you choose,  you’ll create something. If you don’t like the result, then simply go back to the drawing board and make new and hopefully better choices.

Celebrate everything you enjoy, and don’t fret over the rest. See your less desirable creations as interesting rough drafts, and follow your Creativity Guides advice: “Go back to the drawing board.”

Angel Number 37~ You are Divinely on the right track by the ascended masters. Turn to them during meditation and prayers for guidance, reassurance, and answers. The ascended masters are pleased with the path you have chosen, and they want to help you.

 Just for Fun-Pick A Car
(I haven’t done one of these in a minute.. lol)

When it comes to cars, they don’t make them like they used to. If you were a car, what kind of car would you be? Pick the old car that appeals to you most to learn what it says about you.

What car did you choose and did it sound like you?  This is just for fun.

If you chose car 1, You are totally fun.  If you were a car, you would be unique and eye-catching. You’ve got flair! When it comes to the road of life, you’re doing your own thing and going your own speed. You enjoy driving when you’re in the mood. You also like being the passenger too. You’ve got the personality best suited for a road trip – especially if you’re allowed to take side roads.

If you chose card 2, you are totally energetic.  If you were a car, you would be zippy and peppy. You’re very hyper. When it comes to the road of life, you’re speeding down the highway, singing along to the music. You like to get where you’re going quickly. You have a lot to see and a lot to do. You love to drive, and you consider yourself an excellent driver. You’re especially good at not getting caught speeding.

If you chose car 3, you are totally stylish.  If you were a car, you’d be sparkling clean and shiny. You always look good! When it comes to the road of life, you like it when all eyes are on you. You’re the most polished car on the road. You may get irritated while driving, but you always remain cool. You could never imagine honking at another driver. You are the epitome of manners and grace. You like to hold your head up high.

If you chose car 4, you are totally solid.  If you were a car, you’d be reliable and sturdy. You never flake out. When it comes to the road of life, you drive safely and obey all the rules. You don’t want to get hurt. You believe that you’re the best driver you know. Other people’s driving irritates you and even scares you. You don’t mind being behind the wheel. In fact, you usually insist on driving whenever possible.

If you chose car 5, you are totally whimsical.  If you were a car, you’d be a sweet ride. You like to cruise through life in style. When it comes to the road of life, you slow down and enjoy the scenery. You don’t want anything to pass you by. You love to drive, as long as you aren’t in a hurry to go anywhere. You always prefer to take the more interesting route. You never like it when driving is a chore. Driving should be fun, not stressful!

If you chose car 6, you are totally funky.  If you were a car, you’d be one of a kind. You’d be customized from bumper to bumper. When it comes to the road of life, you throw away the map. You’re curious to see where fate will take you. You are the type most likely to get lost, but you never panic. Getting lost is how you learn about new things. You believe that being on the road is an adventure. You can wait to see what your destination will be.

If you chose 3~Your message is New Life/Divine Mother

Conception* Pregnancy* Birth*Children


Whether you’re a man or woman, your feminine earthy side is in full bloom.  The wishes, dreams, and desires you’ve carried in your heart are now gestating in the Divine womb are coming to fruition. If you’re a woman this signals a time of conception, pregnancy, and birth. If you’re a man, this is a time for your creativity to take form in the real world. If you’re married or partnered, this may signal children is on the way.  Whatever you seek to create, it’s happening. Even professional goals will find a home into which to grow. If you’ve been feeling sterile, stagnant, and too controlled, the Divine Mother is here to shake things up. Surrender your mind and allow your soul to come alive in her embrace. She is with you, and her influence is powerful. Her message: “New life is on its way.”

Angel Number 48~ The Angels of Abundance are with you now. Know that there is an infinite supply, and that lack is just an illusion. More money is coming to you now, so don’t worry about your finances.

This week’s messages come to you courtesy of Ask Your Guides Oracle Enjoy!

I do hope that this week’s messages resonated with you. If it hasn’t upon first glance, then feel free to re-read them. There may be a deeper or hidden message specifically for you from your angels and/or guides. These messages may also apply to several people and/or the collective. That’s how Spirit   Let me know though I would love to hear from you. Also, please share, reblog, and like. This way you will be paying it forward for others to receive this guidance. Follow Angels & Celestials on Instagram And on Facebook at

Messages from your Angels & Guides~April 23-30, 2018

Hello, my wonderful and beautiful people!  What do you think of signs, symbols, and omens? I for one, am a believer in these things,  One reason, I am always looking for something, I people watch. I like to spend time at beaches and parks. My head is always in the clouds.. lol The other reason is that this is how ancestors lived by using signs, symbols, omens of nature. These things hold plenty of relevance and almost everything can relay a message.



Choose a word~ (Let your intuition guide you )


Peacock Feathers


Scroll down to the reveal to find your inspirational message for this week.  


If you chose Daffodil


Symbolizing rebirth and new beginnings, the daffodil is virtually synonymous with spring. Though their botanic name is narcissus, daffodils are sometimes called jonquils, and in England, because of their long association with Lent, they’re known as the “Lent Lily.” Lore connecting the daffodil to not only a sign of winter’s end but a lucky emblem of future prosperity is found throughout the world. In Wales, it’s said if you spot the first daffodil of the season, your next 12 months will be filled with wealth, and Chinese legend has it that if a daffodil bulb is forced to bloom during the New Year, it will bring good luck to your home. ** via Google**

Miracle-Sun Sparkler~



The brightest of all thoughts reside in sun yellow, as natural radiance stems from pure integrity. Be honest and forthright no matter what. With the energy of the sun, a miracle awaits. You instinctively know what is authentic, trust this. 

Totem Tuesday~ Fox


Physical or mental responsiveness, increased awareness
Cunning; seeing through deception; call to be discerning
Ability to find your way around, to be swift in tricky situations
Affinity with nocturnal activities and dream work
When the fox appears in your life as a spirit animal, it encourages action and quick, swift moves. You may be called to take action in a way that shows your adaptability and ability to move quickly through obstacles and resistance.

Being inspired by a fox totem, you can work at developing the sharpness of your mental skills: Analytical intelligence, the power of deduction, observation can come into play more powerfully in how you deal with daily matters or bigger projects. The spirit of the fox may also imply that you are sharpening your physical alertness and responsiveness.

When the fox appears in your life, it may indicate that you need to pay attention to people or circumstances that may be deceiving or tricking you into going down a path that does not necessarily serve you. This spirit animal may call you to be more discerning in relationships, whether it’s in business or friendships, or in choices you make for yourself. Following the fox totem wisdom, look for any area of your life where you may be cunningly led to do something else than you would for all reason do. Use discernment in your choices and actions.

The fox as a spirit guide offers good teachings about getting around obstacles instead of confronting them head to head. You might find that you could renew or be smarter about how you deal with areas of resistance in your life or projects. Having the fox as a spirit animal, you may be guided to learn from lessons in a way that may feel like you are being challenged or sometimes even being tricked. To make the most of the fox totem wisdom, keep a strong sense of humor and be smart of the lessons you learn.

The power of the fox is a great support to develop your ability to find the sharpest and smartest solution to any problem. Call on the fox guidance when you feel lost and need help finding your way.

Foxes are most active at night, but also are day animals. By affinity with the animal totem, you may like to be active and bring your creativity to its peak during night time as it gives you the space to be closer to your natural state.

Working with dreams is a particularly useful practice for those who have the fox as a spirit guide. The affinity with the night activities supports the connection with the dream world.

If you chose Peacock Feathers~


This image has a lot of symbolism attached to it.  It can mean behaving flamboyantly. It also has ties to royalty. You can Google this to learn the many meanings of this. But for me not only do the colors stand out to me. But the eyes of the feather itself hold the most significance. So choosing this image means that you have the eyes of Spirit upon you, And this is in the most benevolent of ways.  You are being guided and watched over by your ancestors.  Also, nothing goes unseen, so if you feel the things you have done, the efforts you are putting forth are not being recognized. Know that they are as no good deed goes unpunished. You are appreciated for all that you do.  You will see that it is so fairly soon. 


Isolation-Sapphire’s Blue~

20180419_144457A childlike playfulness is hidden under Sapphire’s serious,  elegant exterior. This message denotes wealth and an ability to do anything well. Trust and loyalty are indicated. Sapphire also has a great capacity for healing.



Just for Fun~Mindful Breath Meditation

Meditation is the art of clearing your mind and relaxing your body. It removes negative energy, stress, and distractions. It gathers your own energy toward productive ends. Meditation is a good regular practice and is especially helpful before performing spells or rituals.

Emptying the mind completely is very difficult for most people, so even though it’s a famous method of meditation, it’s not always the best choice. Everyone breathes, so breath meditation is an excellent starting point. Begin by noticing your breath. Concentrate on the sound of air moving. Feel what part of your body expands and contracts with each breath. Ideally, your belly should move—that’s deep breathing.

Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth, counting each breath as you do so. Imagine ten breaths filling your root chakra. Then do ten breaths for your sacral chakra. Continue up to the crown chakra. Complete your meditation with a good stretch.

*via Llewellyn**

If you chose the Waterpot~


This water pot is a sign for you to start nurturing yourself. You’ve planted the seeds, now you must water them in order for you to grow on the soul level.  You must use the right amount of water, for if you overwater, that means you are rushing the process. All good things happen in due time. But you should also be careful by not watering enough. That means that you should not give up if you feel like things are moving too slow. As with all things, balance and proper care are needed.  Don’t feel as if you can’t do this, hear me now it is DOABLE. 


Bathe yourself in gentle energy, perhaps by receiving soothing self-care treatments, listening to relaxing music, and eating healthy comfort foods. This also may be a time when you need to retreat—as long as you don’t isolate yourself from the support that would be healing and helpful to you right now.

This week’s messages come to you courtesy of The Chakra Wisdom  & Crystal Angel Oracles and moi. Enjoy!

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