Messages from your Angels & Guides~December 4-11,2016





“Observe the wonders as they occur around you. Don’t claim them. Feel the artistry moving through and be silent.” – Rumi





Monday-Wednesday~ Fire Opal




Fire Opal’s energy opens the channels to creativity, passion, confidence, and sensuality. This is the time to connect with pleasure by blending more love into your experience. Let go of shyness, fear, or shame holding you back. Allow yourself greater enjoyment by releasing self-conscious feelings. This gem resonates with your sacral chakra, which relates to physical desires.

This card encourages you to do things that help you feel sensual. Listen to music, light candles, burn incense, wear red or decorate your bedroom—-anything that sets the mood.  Your self-confidence will grow when you allow your sensuality to be unleashed.


Additional Meanings~

*Archangels Ariel and Haniel are associated with this symbol.

*Stimulate your creative self-expression through the balancing of your yin and yang (male and female) energies.

*Feel confident in your abilities. They will help many people.

* It is time to check the health of your circulatory and nervous systems.

*Meditate on fire opal, giving free rein to your curiosity, sense of discovery, artistic creativity, and physical energy.

This message was brought to you courtesy of Angel Dreams Oracle





Totem Tuesday~ Peacock

You are marvelously unique! Allow yourself to show it!



If Peacock has come across your path;
The Peacock is here to remind that nothing, including beauty, should be taken too seriously. This will help you stay centered on what is and allow you to be grateful for what you have. Having a light-hearted approach to all things that come our way because laughter really is the best medicine to keeps us healthy and happy.

Alternatively, this bird could be letting you know that now is the time to acknowledge your dreams and aspirations within yourself. Use this bird’s gifts to bring you confidence, stature and a sense of accomplishment in all the things around you and all your current projects.

If Peacock is your Animal Totem;
You are a person who always comes from a place of honor and integrity. You stand up for your beliefs and you live by them. You have a tendency towards flamboyance at times and enjoy showing your true colors to all those around you. You are completely trustworthy, self-confident and are good at discerning the truth in all matters. You are always willing to walk your talk. You revel in being the center of attention.

Those with this totem often gain recognition for their talents and have the potential to be prominent leaders in their chosen field.

If Peacock has flown into your Dream;
To see this bird  in your dreams represents spring, birth, new growth, longevity, and love. It is a good omen, signaling prestige, success and contentment in your relationship or career. It could also be that the peacock signifies pride, confidence, and vanity. You may be showing off too much or are overly arrogant with your success and achievements. A peacock may also suggest that many eyes are watching you.

Additional Associations for Peacock…
All aspects of beauty
Foundation of our structure
Allows greater wisdom to be seen
Endurance of spirit
Ability to see into the past, present, and future
Rising out of ashes
Sight and sound
Karmic connections

Dream Den~




A sign that the Universe is trying to convey important information to the dreamer, but that the dreamer is either too afraid or too distracted to hear it. The content of the message can be deduced from other symbols in the dream, or from various signs and portents in the dreamer’s waking life

Wednesday-Friday~The Sun

Keywords: Awareness*Consciousness*Reason & Order*Confidence*Optimism*Intelligence


Metaphorically and literally speaking, the Sun brings illumination to your life. What was once dark will now show you being able to see the light.  Expect to see a ‘light’ening of burdens. Things will  be looking up for you now.  You will feel more alive and vital than you ever been.  Your health is taking a turn for the better. And you’ve also got a handle on emotional issues. They just wash right off your back.  This message can also signify spending time in the Sun, allowing yourself some much needed Vitamin D. Or you may be (or considering) a vacation to a sunny, tropical place.  However, the Sun shines its light in your world,  you can rest assure this a time for shining brightly.  So show the world, the authentically wonderful and awesome you. Shine your light!

This message was brought to you courtesy of Tarot of Dreams

Just For Fun~ Inner Guidance



Try this ‘Inner Guidance’ exercise:

Sit quietly, take a few deep breaths and quiet your mind for a moment, then ask “What messages do you have for me today?” Then sit quietly and listen for a minute – see what answers or messages surface. If you do not receive anything immediately, trust that the answers will come later when you’re ready. Wait for the thoughts to arise in your consciousness, such as later in the day or the following morning. They often arise when we are relaxed, such as when having a bath (the eureka moment) or going for a walk in nature. See what unfolds. If you don’t receive anything at all over the next few days, maybe you don’t need any messages at this time. You’ll know.

Friday/Weekend~ Crystals (Healing)



This message suggests that you have been so focused on those that require help that you have forgotten about yourself. Like so many, you have been taught to put your own wonderful self last. But this is the opposite of the way in which you– and the world– are healed. Nurturing, loving, and  caring for yourself leads you to the wholeness and balance that gives you the strength to help those around you without draining your own life force. When you are healed and whole, the world around you heals, as well. Understand and practice this develop healing mastery. The Crystals message may also indicate that too much energy has been spent on hurt, disappointment,and anger. It is time to let go and move on. The mineral kingdom offers its natural, effective healing energies to you at this time.

Other Divinatory Meanings~

*Book a reiki or crystal healing energy healing session for yourself.

*Discover the healing properties of crystals.

*Your life purpose involves healing.

*A situation will be healed soon.

*Your healing prayers are working.

*It is time to forgive.
This message was brought to you courtesy of Divination of the Ancients



I do hope that this week’s messages resonated with you. If it hasn’t upon first glance, then feel free to re-read them. There may be a deeper or hidden message specifically for you from your angels and/or guides. Let me know…I would love to hear from you. Also, please share, reblog, and like. This way you will be paying it forward for others to receive this guidance. Follow Angels & Celestials on Instagram And on Facebook at For a personalized reading I can be reached at /

Messages from your Archangels & Guides~November 13~20, 2016

“In life, you will realize there is a role for everyone you meet. Some will test you. Some will use you. Some will love you and some will teach you. But the ones who are truly important are the ones who bring out the best in you. They are the rare and amazing people who remind you why it’s worth it.”

Due the crazy week here in the US after the Election Day shocker, I’ve seen many posts on social media regarding support of or an extreme hate regarding the incoming President. I at this time will choose silence for  the most part.  For one it’s triggering as I am an African-American and a female.  So for  my own mental well-being and for yours too. I will not bring any negative words or energy to this page regarding that issue.  My page will always remain a safe refuge for love and light.  *Getting off my soapbox now* Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

Monday-Wednesday~ King of Michael/Symbol of Friendship, Brotherhood/Sisterhood



In a situation: Speak your mind with confidence! This situation calls for honest and open communication. If you’re uncertain what to do, then hire an expert. While wisdom and objectivity are important now, don’t forget  to weigh the emotional aspects of this situation. Make sure your actions are of the highest integrity.

Your guides say this is also a time of the converging two like minds, brothers, sisters or lovers  alike who share your interests. They also share similar wisdom and soul teachings.  You understand each other well and have a unique mental connection.  Your vibe will certainly attract your tribe at this time.

Totem Tuesday~*Conch*

Conch represents right speech and intentions to uphold truths and beliefs. This large mollusk teaches the awakening of the heart and to love along with sacred ceremonial religious practices. Its internal flame gives structure for enhancing power, authority and a special sovereignty for effective spiritual evolution. He offers opportunities for gatherings and meetings which may coincide with spiritually aiding others. Beginning something new has great potentials. Have persistence, focus, determination, and strength. He teaches security, being anchored and securely attached to a thought, idea, concept or project. Are you playing your choices in an artful fashion? He will show how to play your true song and find your inner pearl. Crystal meditations with help connect with Conch medicine as its wisdom will enlighten your sacred pathway

Conch is a general name for a number of species under the sea snail family.  The name generally indicates the larger sea snails with a unique shell containing points at both ends.
Its shell is often used on important religious practices in Hinduism.  They use the shell as a wood instrument for significant rituals.  During the worship, they blow the shell of the conch while it is being accompanied by bells and a singing chorale. It is usually played in a temple or home.  A popular story from a Hindu Epic states that a conch plays a significant part in the event of Dhruva.  Armies will blow the conch shells as a sign of battle; this practice is well mentioned in some of India’s greatest epic battle. Vishnu also possesses a conch that indicates life that came out of the water that gives life.
In Buddhism conch is associated as a part of the 8 Auspicious Symbols. In Ancient Peru, Moche tribe often represent conch on their arts.
It is popularly known that if you place a conch shell to your ear, you will hear the sound of the ocean. This is caused by its cavity that resonates sound and produces a form of noise from its surroundings.
Conch is a symbol of speech and good intentions. This creature is teaching us to love unconditionally.  Are you willing to sacrifice everything you have for the sake of your love one?
Conch is also a symbol of new beginning.  Turning our back on our past dark life and starting anew. You are probably thinking of starting new things, and you want to forget your past life. Summon on its healing power and it will give you the courage to completely disregard your wrong doings.
It is also teaching us security, but not against the  threat, but more on having a secure attachment on ideas, opinions, work or relationship.  Creating bonds does not happen overnight, it is a day to day experience with people surrounding you.  Whether you can affect them in a good way, or even if you just made them smile by doing simple deeds.  Bonds will grow stronger and stronger and will be cemented with love and trust.
This creature is asking as if we are staying true to our heart.  Are we doing things because we like it, or are we doing it for the sake of others happiness?  When is the last time you did something that made you truly happy?  Conch wants us to experience our own happiness, there is a chance that you have given everything to them and left nothing on you.  When a conch presented itself to you, perhaps it’s the best time to think about yourself.

Conch appears as an animal spirit when…

You are no longer paying attention to your happiness
We are having difficulties in creating bonds.
When you are not doing your part to uphold truth.
When you are not giving a part of yourself in a relationship.
When we are traveling the darkest part of our life.

Call on conch as an animal spirit when…

You want to stay true to yourself and you want to find the courage to tell others that these things make you happy.
We want to be attached to something.
When you hope to find the courage to speak the truth.
When you need to sacrifice something in order for the relationship to flourish
When we want to start a new phase of our life.

Wednesday-Friday~ The High Priestess(Archangel Haniel)/ The Symbol of Balance


The answers you seek are within you! They cannot be found through the intellect, but instead are a product of your deepest feelings. Intuition and psychic messages should be treated seriously and with great respect.  Your dreams may hold the keys to understanding what actions you should take next. Your subconscious is extremely powerful. Also, this is a period of spiritual awakening.  Haniel asks you to keep the confidences of others.  She(AA Haniel) is helping you to see the universe as awesome and mysterious.

Your guides say that your love life and your career is about to balance. Therefore, you are asked to put equal amounts of energy into both aspects. As you will begin to see amazing results of these actions.

Just For Fun~Crystal Grid for the Home




We all strive to make our home a cozy and energetically welcoming place for ourselves and our loved ones. This requires a bit of spiritual and magickal upkeep. Tonight’s full moon  is perfect for manifestation magick, and a simple crystal grid is a great way to keep good vibes flowing. Gather four quartz-crystal points of any size and a fifth crystal of any type, chosen depending upon the energies you’d like to impart throughout your home. This fifth stone will be the center of your grid. Cleanse your crystals, then arrange them on your altar or a central location. Place your fifth stone (chosen for its properties) in the center, with the four points arranged around it, pointing toward the four corners of your home. Hold your hands over the grid and focus on the intent of your goal, then charge the grid with the purpose of constantly sending those energies throughout your dwelling.

Dream Den~



1. A gold crown indicates public honors and/or acknowledgment for work well done.
2. A wreath of flowers worn around the head implies happiness and success in romance.
3. A laurel wreath indicates victory over problems in your life.
4. A paper or plastic crown, however, indicates insincere compliments from people with agendas of their own.

Friday/Weekend~ 8 of Gabriel/Symbol of Completion


Suddenly things are moving at a rapid pace! Immediate results.  All delays are over, and now the sky is the limit. While this may seem a tad overwhelming, but it also feels good to see your plans moving forward.  And though it could feel there are so many things going on at once, it is  very important to remember to stay grounded.  By keeping things organized, you won’t allow things to spin out of control.

This is also a period of  positive communication, expect to receive messages containing relevant information. Lastly, your guides want you to know you have reached the completion of a cycle. A task has been completed. And there may have been the ending or completion of something such a job and/or a relationship. However, one door closes another opens.

This week’s messages were brought to you courtesy of Archangel Power Tarot & Nefertiti Psychic Cards

I do hope that this week’s messages resonated with you. If it hasn’t upon first glance, then feel free to re-read them. There may be a deeper or hidden message specifically for you from your angels and/or guides. Let me know…I would love to hear from you. Also, please share, reblog, and like. This way you will be paying it forward for others to receive this guidance. Follow Angels & Celestials on Instagram And on Facebook at For a personalized reading I can be reached at /

Messages from your Angels & Guides~November 6-13, 2016

“Some changes look negative on the surface but you will soon realize that space is being created in your life for something new to emerge.”
— Eckhart Tolle

Your spiritual keyword for this week:Emerge

To Emerge:
  • become apparent, important, or prominent.
    This is your time now. Now is the time.

Monday-Wednesday~Goddess of the Earth


An idea connected to the imagination, creativity, and nature.

The energy of Gaia, the spiritual Goddess of the Earth, is strong within you at present. She reflects the fertile ground of your imagination and the infinite power of creativity that you possess.

This is a good time to use your imagination and express yourself creatively. Keep an open heart and mind. You will receive an idea over the coming days or weeks that will lead you to an abundant and fulfilling way of life. This idea is somehow connected to imagination, creativity ,and nature.

Over the coming days, it would be beneficial to relax,spend some time in nature and absorb her healing and fertile energies. Gaia will help to ground you and keep you balanced. In the near future, she will also inspire you to devise ingenious ways to market your idea.

This message has been brought to you courtesy of Angels, Gods & Goddesses Oracle


Totem Tuesday-Llama


In this situation you need to come from the heart and emotional body in a loving and very caring manner. Delicacy is in required.

If Llama has come across your path;

Llama is here to remind you that only through hard work and perseverance will your dreams be realized. Know that you have the ability to adapt to any situation you find yourself in. Know that whatever loads you are carrying right now you will be able to manage and see them through. Alternatively, Llama could also be reminding you that your biggest focus should be yourself and that personal growth and your connection to spirit should be your highest priority at all times. Insisting on following your heart rather than your ego will bring you all the rewards you are seeking.

If Llama is your Animal Totem;

You have a very easy going personality and have a tendency to sacrifice your own lifestyle to accommodate others. You also tend to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders and have a strong connection to the environment and its subtle changes. If you are treated unfairly you tend to get somewhat stubborn and willful and make it clear that you are not pleased with the situation. You are generous in service to others and thrive in group settings although you often forget to serve yourself. You choose your friends carefully.

If Llama has come into your Dream;

To see  this mammal in your dreams can represent the deep trust and faith you have in your own personal journey. This animal is symbolizing that you have the strength and endurance to reach your goal. Alternatively, this creature could also be putting you on notice that you are worrying too much and carrying to large a load.

Additional Associations for Llama…


Dream Den:* (two dream messages this week)*



1. If the dreamer is looking at someone else’s X-ray, then there is someone in his or her life who is keeping important information from the dreamer.
2. If the dreamer is being X-rayed, or studying his own X-ray, then he needs to look within for answers that he desperately needs.
Astrological parallel: Pluto.
Tarot parallel: The High Priestess.



1. Dreaming of seeing (or being) a happy and contented dwarf strongly indicates that all your troubles will soon disappear as if by magic.
2. If the dwarf was mean or unhappy, however, beware of false friends. Be very careful of who you confide in.
3. Feeling small and weak compared to those around you.
4. If dwarves surround you, an average sized person, you may feel above others or a situation you are in.
Wednesday-Friday~Smokey Quartz/Angel of Transformation





This message has been brought to you courtesy of Angel Gemstone Oracle
Just for Fun~A New Friend Spell

This time of year, many people start to feel the winter blues approaching. You may be a bit nostalgic about the summer fun or apprehensive about the coming winter. This spell will help to beat those blues and banish any loneliness that you may be feeling. You will need some catnip or catmint, a pink candle, and a pen and paper. Make a tea out of the catnip by pouring hot water on it, then straining it into a cup. Light the pink candle. On the piece of paper, write, “Friend, come and find me.” Sip the cup of tea, projecting your thoughts of love and friendship into the universe. When the tea is finished, carefully burn the paper in the candle and snuff it out. Now find a new activity or hobby, and know that you will find new friends, too.

This love card relates to the relationship you have with yourself, a lover, friend or your family.


Love is the ultimate creative power. Embrace it and you will find that your relationships, including the one you have with yourself, will be enriched.

Close your eyes and feel your spiritual connection to every living thing on the planet—every person, animal, bird, fish, insect, butterfly, each blade of grass, tree, and flower all swaying to the eternal motion of creation, the eternal flow of love. Feel the life force at one with your own. Allow your mind to merge with the Wind, the Sun, the Moon and the Stars. Flow with the streams and rivers and merge with the Ocean, Clouds and Rain.
Hold the vision and feeling of all that exists within creation, remembering that the life force that flows through all these things is the same energy that flows through you. As you breathe, so too do Nature and the Universe.


Feel yourself in unison with all creation and whisper “I am”.
This message has been brought to you courtesy of Universal Wisdom Oracle


Happy Veteran’s Day!!

I do hope that this week’s messages resonated with you. If it hasn’t upon first glance, then feel free to re-read them. There may be a deeper or hidden message specifically for you from your angels and/or guides. Let me know…I would love to hear from you. Also, please share, reblog, and like. This way you will be paying it forward for others to receive this guidance. Follow Angels & Celestials on Instagram And on Facebook at For a personalized reading I can be reached at /

Spiritual Service Professionals: How to Win Every Refund Dispute

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benebell wen

Deck Pictured: Oswald Wirth Tarot (USGS, 1997). Deck Pictured: Oswald Wirth Tarot (USGS, 1997).

This won’t be an interesting post.

It’s targeted only at spiritual service professionals.

So unless you are a professional tarot reader, astrologer, life coach, divination mentor, or are engaged professionally in a similar form of spiritual business, this post will not be of much interest.

I’m posting it kind of as a PSA so that it is available to any spiritual entrepreneur who manages to find this page.

If you teach business tips and strategies to spiritual entrepreneurs, then I ask of you to incorporate the contents of this post into your educational materials. Screw credit or no credit or infringement wtf ever– just get your people informed, will you? Who the hell cares who came up with the idea first. Just get the information out there to fellow spiritual service professionals.

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Messages from your Angels & Guides~October 30-November 6, 2016



“Everything is happening exactly as it’s supposed to, with hidden blessings that you’ll soon understand. Sometimes what appears to be a problem is actually an answered prayer in disguise.”
— Unknown Author


Your spiritual keyword for this week is Cleanse. Spirit says it is high time to clean up things in our lives. Whether it be spiritual, physical, and/or emotional. Getting rid of what is old and toxic frees you up to receive new things, as well as people to enter into our space.




Emotional balance* Psychological strength* Relationships*Protection




You may be feeling emotionally unbalanced at present because you have allowed yourself to, at least partially, believe another’s critical judgments of you. This malicious criticism was directed at you by someone who falsely believes that they will gain something by belittling you.

To regain your mental strength and emotional balance you must realise that this whole episode is simply emotional blackmail. You are dearly loved and held in high esteem by many, so see this episode for what it really is and do not allow yourself to be so affected by what one person says—others know the truth.

Pyrite can help strengthen you both psychologically and emotionally.

This message was brought to you courtesy of the Crystal Oracle

Totem Tuesday~Grasshopper

You need to fully commit yourself to your decision. It’s the only way to succeed with this venture at this time.

If Grasshopper has sprung into your life;
You are being asked to take a leap of faith. Just go ahead and do it without knowing the outcome. Usually, this is something that you have been avoided doing and is often linked to a large scale change in direction. This can be a change in an relationship, career or a change in yourself. Know that you have the wisdom that you need to get past any obstacles in an efficient manner. For the most part, all possible outcomes will be positive.

If Grasshopper is your Animal Totem;
You are an innovative forward thinker that rarely misses any opportunity to move forward. You are always successful in any venture that you undertake and know how to use your instincts to capture the exact moment that will give you the greatest benefit. You are benevolent and enjoy giving to others. You rarely stay in one place very long – always seeking out the best opportunities to move forward.

If Grasshopper has come into your Dreams;
Is an indication that you are having a bit of trouble committing yourself to a decision. You need to settle down to the task at hand. Alternatively, the Grasshopper is a symbol of freedom, independence, and enlightenment.

To see a Grasshopper moving away from you signifies that what you are hoping and dreaming of in your waking life is just out of reach. In order to get what you want out of life, you must change something within yourself in order to fulfill your dreams completely.
Additional Associations for Grasshopper;
Good Omen
Jumps across space and time
Moving Forward
Abundance and Rich Resources
Leaps of faith
Jumping without knowing where you will land
Taking Chances
Astral travel
Leaping over obstacles
Forward Thinking
New leaps forward
Ability to change careers quickly
Love a Challenge
Inner Voice
Good Health
Gossip creating Drama

Wednesday-Friday~ Look At Your Patterns In Relationships

Take time to look at the pattern in what drives you to attract this sort of person into your life, in the first place. You’ll then find the next person you meet will have very similar qualities to your last partner as that what is your energetically attracting. Once you learn the lesson, you will be able to attract a healthy outcome.
Angel Number 32: Keep believing in your connection with the ascended masters. As you turn to them with increasing frequency, so shall your faith in this connection grow.

This message was brought to you courtesy of Whispers of Love Oracle

Dream Den~Fog

An obstacle dream, dependent on other circumstances in the dream for exact interpretation. A fog at sea indicates blockages in emotional situations, such as romance. A fog on land indicates setbacks with regard to business or financial progress. If the fog clears away during the dream, then the blockages will let up and therefore there’s no need to lose heart. If it thickens, however, perhaps you’d better rethink the situation.

Just for Fun~Wish Upon a Star



What is your greatest wish? Head outside at night under the stars, and write down your wish on a piece of paper. Be as specific as possible, including as many details as you can. Then dig a small hole in the ground or use a fireproof container, and light the paper. Allow it to burn, letting the smoke release your wish into the universe. As the paper burns, look up into the sky and pick out the first star you see. Remember this childhood rhyme?

“Star light, star bright,
First star I see tonight,
I wish I may, I wish I might,
Have this wish I wish tonight.”

Chant this over and over as your paper burns, releasing your magic into the night air.

Friday/Weekend~Cancel, Clear, Delete


Have you been complaining or worrying lately? Do you consider yourself a victim of outside circumstances and people? This message indicates that you’ve been using negative affirmations to describe yourself and your situations. The angels are asking you to be more aware of what you say, think, and write about yourself. Your past choice of words has blocked you, but fortunately, that barrier is removed the moment you choose positive words.

Perhaps caffeine, nicotine, sugar, or other stimulants have caused your mind to race with worry. The angels can help you reduce or eliminate cravings for stimulants. This will calm and clear your mind so that you can deliberately choose words that describe your desires instead of old fears.

Action Steps: If you catch yourself saying something negative (even in jest), stop and sweep your hand at the wrist in order to push the energy of your words away from you. Then say, “Cancel, clear, delete!” to undo the effects of negative affirmations. This is similar to rebooting your computer by simultaneously pushing the control, alt, delete keys. By saying, “Cancel, clear, delete!” you let the Universe know of your positive and clear outlook for yourself. You ensure that any previous negative affirmations won’t manifest into form; instead, they’ll be replaced by your new, radiant intentions.

This message was brought to you courtesy of Angel Therapy Oracle



My witch name is Amber Enchantress…what’s yours?

I do hope that this week’s messages resonated with you. If it hasn’t upon first glance, then feel free to re-read them. There may be a deeper or hidden message specifically for you from your angels and/or guides. Let me know…I would love to hear from you. Also, please share, reblog, and like. This way you will be paying it forward for others to receive this guidance. Follow Angels & Celestials on Instagram And on Facebook at For a personalized reading I can be reached at /


Messages from your Angels & Guides~October 9-16, 2016

“Everything is happening exactly as it’s supposed to, with hidden blessings that you’ll soon understand. Sometimes what appears to be a problem is actually an answered prayer in disguise.”
— Unknown Author

Spiritual Keyword: Serendipity
Definition~the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.



These are the possibilities you have to look forward to this week.  May it be all you expect it to be and more.


Monday-Wednesday~ Four of Wands



Look at the golden goodness flowing from those hallowed doors. Get ready for this lush goldenness to permeate your life in all areas. Your home life is quite satisfactory. You may be changing residence or someone may be moving in with you. Whatever the case may be, all will be literally well on the homefront. Health is good and any test results will likely return on a positive note. Romantically speaking, you may receive a long-awaited commitment. It is highly possible that marriage may be on the horizon.Don’t sit home on the couch, though, get out and about and socialize, this may be the key if you’re single. Finances are on the upswing and career wise, everything is as good as gold. However, just because you have entered a period of smooth sailing, does not mean you get to rest on your laurels. Up and at em’ to keep the golden goodness flowing.
This is an all around positive time in general.

Totem Tuesday~Snowy Owl


The energy and the gifts of the Snowy Owl are deep and mysterious. As with all of the white animals, she signifies a purity that helps us work in darkness, certainly both our own and others. She helps us literally to see in the dark. We can see her white wings spanning outward as she brings back deeply tucked away secrets. Snowy Owl is an essential guide in the art of soul retrieval. As she brings back the psychic impressions of lost inner children and forgotten wounds and scars in the psyche, she also brings back news of ancient gifts, wisdom and deep insight into moving forward in life.

Snowy Owl will help you learn to trust your instincts about people, places, and situations. She represents the High Priestess within, who through your strong intuitive intelligence has a 360-degree roundhouse view of all that is occurring. This however, does not mean that what is seen is always spoken. For the owl is one of the most silent of all the fliers. And as a bird of prey that silence comes in very handy when approaching the target of any encounter. In soul retrieval, it can be necessary to remain silent until the time is right about what is seen. Snowy owl is the guide that lets you know when to speak and when to wait.

On one hand, owls are considered fierce Night Eagles, as Native Americans call them, birds of prey who have no qualms about going in for the kill. And on the other hand, the owl is a pervasive symbol of silent wisdom, reminding us that insight comes from still and calm observation. Snowy owl can also signify a new level of maturity on your spiritual path and that you’ve been given more wisdom. Lastly, it can also mean that you are developing and evolving as a person.

Snowy Owl’s ability to navigate in the darkness makes her not only a master totem for soul retrieval and the reclaiming of lost parts of the soul, but she is also the guide that helps us go into the void of the Great Mystery to call forth ancient wisdom, knowledge, and secrets that have lain dormant for ages to help us remember the fullness of our being, and create the new earth.

Snowy Owl follows those who have the gift of Channeling the words of the elders via inspired written words or ~automatic writing and helps us to discern the teachings correctly. Snowy Owl will be our guide on the ascension up the tree of life in this journey, as we make the earth walk.

Night, Feminine, Moon, Athena, Sophia

Optical Calcite, Orange Calcite, Flourite, Amethyst, Tree Agate, Dendritic Agate, Geode, Selenite, Moonstone, Apophylite, Azeztualite, Rosophia, Seraphinite, Stauralite, Danburite, Aragonite, Shaman stone, Vogel Crystals




Wednesday-Friday~Nine 0f Cups


Your wishes are the Universe’s command. This is the biggest YES that life has to offer you! What you’ve been hoping and praying for is most likely to come to fruition. This message symbolizes good fortune. It also signifies fulfillment in just about every area of your life. You’re surrounded by the luxury of all that life has to offer you. Work projects can suddenly fall in your lap or if you’ve been unemployed expect call backs and heading out to job interviews. In your love life, you could find much bliss and sweetness. Singles, could find themselves attracting new people likes bees to honey. As for your health, use this time to reinforce healthy eating habits. Get better sleep patterns and make time to find your yen. Practicing meditation and/or yoga is perfect for you now. Use positive affirmations and visualizations to keep up this amazing energy and for manifesting too.


Dream Den~Ice

1. To put ice into a drink indicates that perhaps the dreamer is spending too much time indulging in pleasures and not enough on practical matters. However, to be surrounded by ice, or to sit on it, implies comfortable living ahead that has been well earned.
2. Slipping on ice or falling through thin ice implies difficulties and obstacles ahead, while deliberately breaking through ice indicates new friendships. Remember the metaphor, “breaking the ice”?
3. Skating on ice alone indicates success ahead, but skating with a partner COULD mean that someone is sabotaging your efforts. Or it could mean a successful partnership. To judge which it is, look to other symbols in the dream.

Just For Fun~Moon Day Advice



Monday’s planetary ruler is the Moon. For many people, Monday is the start of the work week and can be a rough day. However, things always go better if we have a game plan. Gather a small piece of moonstone and your favorite tarot deck. Pull the Moon card and lay the moonstone on top of it. Next pull three additional cards, to represent your morning, afternoon, and night. Lay them below the Moon card. Analyze the cards and, based on the information they tell you, formulate a game plan for going about your day. Now that you have a forecast, you can dress for the weather, so to speak! Carry the moonstone with you in a small bag or in your pocket. As the day’s events unfold, it will remind you that you have a plan for handling them.
Friday/Weekend~ The Star


The Universe wants you to feel inspired. And if you haven’t as of late, now is the time to open to the flow. Allow the rainbows that  are flowing from out of the pitchers to soothe you. These rainbows can also heal your chakras, see yourself surrounded by them and feel the love the Universe has to offer you. You can feel more hopeful and confident that your needs will be met. As the Universe is working behind the scenes to help you. This is definitely a good omen, so make a wish! Start making a bucket list of all the things you would like to experience. Studying Astrology or Astronomy is favored. And it can even be a source of income for you. Your career can find new opportunities opening up for you. Financially, you will be doing so well that you may likely have more than you need. Love will find singles feeling more inspired more than ever. You are now opening up to all the world has to offer. And for those partnered up, you may relationship will move to higher and exciting levels. Go stargazing, it’s perfect for tuning into the wisdom of the Universe. Also, this could also be a point in time where you come across a Star (celebrity) or you may be on the road to stardom yourself. You never know and that’s the message of The Star, that anything is possible. Go for it!

This week’s guidance are lovingly given to us courtesy of The Tarot of Dreams  *Also one of my new decks*

I do hope that this week’s messages resonated with you. If it hasn’t upon first glance, then feel free to re-read them. There may be a deeper or hidden message specifically for you from your angels and/or guides. Let me know…I would love to hear from you. Also, please share, reblog, and like. This way you will be paying it forward for others to receive this guidance. Follow Angels & Celestials on Instagram For a personalized reading I can be reached at /

Messages from your Angels & Guides~ October 2-9, 2016





“Your radiant energy is waiting to shine through if you’re willing to do the work to release it.”
— Kimberley Blaine

Good morning lovelies! It is October already and my goodness I feel that time is surely flying by. This week’s message are from one of my new decks. I do hope you enjoy the messages. And if you feel they have helped you, then please feel free to share and like. Remember sharing is caring. Thanks with much love and gratitude.

Your spiritual keyword for this week is Seek.

attempt to find (something).

synonyms: search for, try to find, look for, be on the lookout for, be after, hunt for, be in quest of

attempt or desire to obtain or achieve (something).

synonyms: try to obtain, work toward, be intent on, aim at/for More
ask for (something) from someone.

I think you all get the point as to what you are asked to do this week….correct? Awsome!!!

Monday-Wednesday~Dowsing Rods/Seeker


The Dowsing Rods have sought you out to announce that your search is almost over. You have spent a long time looking in the wrong places; now is the moment to sense through your heart, using the natural elements as your guide. Doing so will point you in the right direction. Walk your path of destiny aware of the signs in the flow of water beneath your feet, in the depths of the Earth. Create no attachments to the paths of others for they may lead you to far more barren lands. You seek your path and they seek theirs. Nature will guide you, so get out in it and seek the watering holes, the streams, and rivers and find what you need in their reflections.

More Divinatory Meanings: Seek and you will find. Don’t give up, you are almost there. Time to step up into your destiny. A lost item will soon be found. You’ve found the information you’ve been looking for. Reconciliation and reunion bring great joy.

Totem Tuesday~Falcon

Today something very special will happen. Embrace it with gratitude!

When Falcon comes flying into your life:
You are being asked to be vigilant. An opportunity for big positive changes in your life is close at hand and it will require good planning and strategy as well as action on your part. You are reminded that you have all the tools and knowledge to take advantage of this opportunity and that your success depends on your quick reactions. Stay focused and grateful for all that is coming your way. Know that you have the ability to soar high and see things with greater vision!

If Falcon is your Animal Totem:
You are independent and need to have alone time in order to be happy. You have a sharp mind and are very agile. You know how to mentally work out problems and are always three steps ahead of your peers and workmates. You have the patience to wait in order to get the most out of any opportunity that comes your way. You have impeccable timing and know exactly when to strike for the greatest benefit to yourself.

If Falcon has soared into your dreams:
To see  this bird of prey in your dream is a reminder to stay focused on your goals and aspiration. Alternatively, this bird can symbolize personal freedom. The dream is letting you know that although you may perceive things differently you are always free to make your own choices in life. If the Falcon is flying it signifies success in your current projects.

A bird that has caught its prey and is feeding is an omen of abundance.

Additional Associations for Falcon:
Visionary power
Assisting in soul healing
Transition and Change
Mental Speed
Accompanying the soul back to the soul world
Teaching swiftness
Learning the aerobatics of life
Life Purpose
Controlling speed and movement
Understanding magick

Dream Den~Falcon:

1. Dreaming of hunting with a falcon implies the need to seek help in searching for something you desire.
2. A hooded falcon indicates that someone around you is keeping things from you.
3. A falcon making a kill is actually a positive omen, indicating that a long-time goal of yours will finally be reached.



Your sensitivity is increasing at this time. You may find that what once excited you no longer appeals, and that you are leaving behind certain friends and pastimes, as you continue to walk your spiritual path. In busy places such as shopping malls, nightclubs, and pubs, you may feel drained, or that people’s energies are too frantic for you. As your sensitivity heightens, your body may no longer tolerate synthetic foods, GM’s, preprocessed ready-made meals, sugar, wheat, alcohol, or caffeinated and carbonated sugary drinks. Don’t worry that life will become boring, though; it won’t! As your tastes change, you will become accustomed to a new and more gentle approach to life, and your old desires will melt away naturally as you adopt a healthy lifestyle, making you feel more alive!

More Divinatory Meanings: Check in with your emotions. You could benefit from a complimentary healing. Use environmentally friendly products, instead of harsh chemicals. You may be drawn to eliminate dairy products and adopt a vegetarian/vegan diet.
Just forFun~Blessing Jar Spell


Using a clear jar that you find pleasing, and stones, crystals, shells, beads, coins, old jewelry, or charms, focus on the symbolism of these items and the blessings you wish to bring into your life as you add each item of your choosing to the jar. Then pour a small handful of clean sand ( you can wash natural sand, or purchase decorative sand from a craft store) on top of the items, to ground them in earth and the energies of manifestation. Then pour water over all as you think of your gratitude for all that you currently have in your life. Shake the jar gently to see how things might “shake out” in your life, and let it settle. Store the jar on your altar where you can see it every day, to remind you of your gratitude for all you have, as well as what’s now manifesting in your life.



It’s important to see things a little differently right now. Imagine yourself in the place of those who appear to be confronting you, your words or your actions. Perhaps rather than taking this as a sign of their displeasure or dislike of what you are doing, see their words as an opportunity to improve the situation by being more open-minded. Perhaps their actions will actually provide you with an even more robust idea about how to proceed. The runes are a reminder that in one single ‘toss’ you can choose a very different outcome. Those that seem to be your ‘enemies’ may often deliver the most useful lessons in life.

More Divinatory Meanings: Don’t be so quick to judge. See the situation from all angles. There’s a lesson to be learnt. Understand someone else’s point of view. You are acting unreasonably. Study the runes for spiritual growth and understanding.

This week’s guided messages were brought to you courtesy of Divination of the Ancients Oracle
I do hope that this week’s messages resonated with you. If it hasn’t upon first glance, then feel free to re-read them. There may be a deeper or hidden message specifically for you from your angels and/or guides. Let me know…I would love to hear from you. Also, please share, reblog, and like. This way you will be paying it forward for others to receive this guidance. Follow Angels & Celestials on Instagram For a personalized reading I can be reached at /

Messages from your Angels & Guides~September 25-October 1, 2016

“It is a funny thing about life: If you refuse to accept anything but the best you very often get it.”
– Somerset Maugham

Good morning all! The Mercury Retrograde is over!! I repeat the RETROGRADE is over!! I am sure there some of you out there breathing a humongous sigh of relief. Because it’s for  sure  that I am… It’s been one heck of a ride and sometimes not a fun

Your spiritual keyword for this Transformation. Whether you are aware of it or not, you are experiencing a growth spurt. This is not a physical change, but one of inner change. Change can be great or it could totally suck.. trust me I know. But no matter how you view it. Change is needed to implement our growth. We were never meant to be stagnant. Spirit is working on and with you. For this week be to open to change and get ready for your transformation.

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Monday-Wednesday~ Emergence



It may feel like you’re being thrust into unfamiliar territory by forces beyond your control. And yet, it is through the events currently unfolding that your true nature emerges. You tap into new reserves of power, confidence, and wisdom. What starts off as daunting and challenging changes and, after a while all falls into place easily. The end result is a stronger, more confident, and grateful you.
This message has been brought to you courtesy of Universal Love Oracle

Totem Tuesday~Inchworm

Transformation is at hand. Just one more small step and you are there.
-Inch Worm



If Inch Worm has inched into your life;
You are being reminded to measure twice and cut once. Take careful note of what you are trying to create right now and make sure that the path is clear in front of you before moving ahead. Be clear of your purpose behind this move forward and know that the transformation you are seeking is right for you. Just take it in smaller steps rather than one fell swoop. Progress is good at a much slower pace right now.

Alternatively, you are being asked if you have been inching toward a personal change or transformation without making your intentions or goals clear to yourself. Know where you want to go and you will get there.

If Inch Worm is your personal Animal Totem;
You work well in trades such as cabinet making, construction, and architecture. These are all jobs where spatial ingenuity, mathematics, and measuring play huge roles in the ability to get the job done right. You have a gift for slow and steady progress in everything you do and seem to make personal transformations and changes with ease. You also have a strong spiritual connection with gardens and gardening and are drawn to open green leafy spaces. If your work involves construction and design of any sort most of your designs will incorporate modern ecological breakthroughs that give us new and innovative ergonomic designs.

If Inch Worm has come into your dreams;
It symbolizes the little things that can be beneficial for your growth and well-being. It is important to pay attention to the minor details and not to overlook certain things.

Additional Associations of the Inch Worm
Measure carefully
One small step at a time
Camouflage and concealment
Logic and mathematics

Dream Den~ Spaceship:



1. If you are riding in a spaceship, you are destined to travel far and accomplish great things.
2. If you dream of seeing a spaceship, this indicates visitors coming from far away.
3. Dreaming of a UFO acting strangely is a warning that events lie ahead that will require caution, clear-headedness, and stealth.



Wednesday-Friday~Emotional Breakthrough





This message has been brought to you courtesy of Spirit Oracle

Just For Fun~A New Day of Thanks

A day filled with tragedy often makes us forget to feel gratitude for what we have. Appreciating our loved ones while they’re still here with us is one of the most important aspects of life. Take some time to remind yourself of the abundance and happiness in your life.
Find a comfortable place to sit, outdoors if possible. Write down all of the positives in your life. What do you have to be thankful for? Your friends? Family? Career? Delve into the different aspects of your life, and think about all of the things you have been blessed with. Once you get going, you may find it hard to stop! Take as much time and paper as you need. When you’re done, thank your deities for these gifts. Keep your list in a handy location to remind you of your blessings when you need it.




Friday/Weekend~Heart Chakra



The angels want you to trust your feelings. Your heart is wise, and it’s calling for you to make important changes. Trust this wisdom, as it won’t let you down. Every time you defy your inner feelings, your heart breaks a little bit. Repair your heart and your relationship with yourself by honoring your emotions. For instance, if you’re unhappy with a situation, it means that something is wrong and action is necessary. Ask the angels to give you courage and support to make healthy changes at home and work.

This message also calls upon you to open your heart to love. Perhaps you’ve been hurt in prior relationships and are guarded against additional pain. The angels assure you that they’ll protect you and your heart, so it’s safe for you to feel love and other emotions.

The Action Steps below will help you follow through on all of the angels’ advice.

~~~~****~~~~****Action Steps****~~~~*****~~~~

Go to a flower shop and purchase one or more fresh pink roses. (If you grow them in your garden, that’s even better.) Carry one with you throughout the day, inhaling its fragrance frequently. Place one or more on your nightstand to benefit from its ability to open the heart chakra. When you can’t carry a pink rose with you, you can use pure rose oil instead. In addition, wear a heart-shaped rose quartz crystal pendant( or place them in your bra or shirt pocket) in order to keep your heart chakra open throughout the day. The angels will also surround your heart with healing and protective pink light if you ask them to.

* On a side note, this is something I do, buy flowers. I do just because….it doesn’t have to be a special occasion. Nor do you have to wait for someone to buy them for you. I don’t alway buy roses, but having fresh flowers around lightens the vibe in your space. It also attracts angels and other loving spirits to you. So if you’re not allergic and you can spare a few dollars, I highly suggest buying fresh flowers often. *

This message has been brought to you courtesy of Angel Therapy

I do hope that this week’s messages resonated with you. If it hasn’t upon first glance, then feel free to re-read them. There may be a deeper or hidden message specifically for you from your angels and/or guides. Let me know…I would love to hear from you. Also, please share, reblog, and like. This way you will be paying it forward for others to receive this guidance. Follow Angels & Celestials on Instagram For a personalized reading I can be reached at /

Messages from your Angels & Guides~September 18-25, 2016

Good morning all! I have a couple of new decks (I am addicted to Oracle and Tarot decks lol). And I will be using one of them for this week’s messages. So in honor of this new deck, the theme for  this week is Dreams.


Monday-Wednesday~ High Council

If you have nightly dreams about going to a mountaintop, city hall, or a library, you’re connecting with the High Council. This card shows up to help you become the best possible you. The High Council is an alliance of beings from across universes who have come here to help you on your evolutionary journey on this planet. These beings of love and light are trying to get your attention. There is an important project or task you are being asked to take on. The size of the assignment doesn’t matter–large or small, it will create a shift for the highest good of all. The High Council is coming to you in dream time to “download” messages into your energy field for retrieval at a later date. This information is to be used when it is needed for the evolution of you as a human, and for the earth as a whole.
Additional Meanings:
* You have much potential. You are being encouraged to move forward with your development in all areas of your life.

* Think about your spiritual perception. Does it need to shift?

* You are being reminded that the Divine mantle is always about your shoulders, lending you strength and help in your daily life. All you need to do is ask.

Dream Den ~Common Dream Symbols

Autumn:(in honor of the approaching season this week)


1. If you have the dream in autumn when that is the season you’re in, then the season probably has no significance and serves only as background.
2. If you dream of autumn at another time of year, and other symbols in the dream are hurried, this is a signal that time is passing and something in your life needs immediate attention.
3. All other dreams of autumn are positive, signifying friendly forces supporting and protecting you.





1. If it is a clear, bright, and sunny day, then all will go well for the dreamer in whatever he is doing at the moment.
2. If it is a dark and gloomy day, then the dreamer needs to consider what’s bothering him. Solutions may be suggested by other symbols in the dream.
3. If it is raining or snowing, the dreamer should expect a few setbacks and prepare for them.
Astrological parallel: Pluto, Scorpio.



An astrological symbol depending very much on the circumstances and other symbols in the dream.
1. The Sun is the giver of life, and therefore dreaming of a bright Sun high in the sky is an omen that you will soon be able to live the kind of life you want.
2. A Sun obscured by clouds implies that your current prospects are uncertain right now, and you may need to reevaluate your situation and make some adjustments.
3. The rising Sun represents beginnings and the setting Sun endings. Whether the beginnings or endings are positive depends on the circumstances (especially the weather) and the other symbols in the dream.

Tarot parallel: The Sun, The Tower.



An astrological symbol relating to the emotions. If the Moon is full and bright, much happiness and success lie ahead. If the Moon is new or in the crescent phase, you may not be aware of your own feelings with regard to specific circumstances. A Moon partly or fully obscured by clouds hints at outside matters affecting feelings that you’re currently unaware of, yet still need to deal with.



1. Like The Star card in the Tarot deck, dreaming of a single bright, shining star is a sign that even if things seem bad, there is still hope, and that your desires and destiny will be fulfilled, possibly through the efforts of a friend.
2. If the dream displays a clear sky full of many bright stars, great success lies ahead, but if the stars are pale or obscured by clouds, there will be a period of poverty before you finally attain your goals.
3. A star between the horns of the New Moon indicates that an influential person, probably a woman, will appear on the scene and assist you in attaining your dearest dream.
4. A shooting or falling star implies success after a period of great effort.


The wind represents movement, and the type of movement involved is dictated by the circumstances.
1. Dreaming of being out in a cold, blustery wind implies having to take action under adverse circumstances.
2. Dreaming of a calm, gentle wind that caresses your face is reassurance that you are surrounded by people who deeply love and care for you. A brisk, steady breeze portends success in business enterprises.
3. Being caught up in an extreme form of wind, such as a cyclone or tornado is a warning to get your affairs in order now if you don’t want to have a lot of trouble later.

Wednesday-Friday~ Dream Guide




This message has shown up to remind you that your dream guide is always with you, supporting and protecting you on your nightly journeys. Ask for guidance. Journal what your guide shows and teaches you,and where you are taken during your dream time. Pay attention to all details, as they are part of a larger message.

Your dream guide also reminds you that there are many lessons to learn and offer others. You are a teacher. Employ your teaching abilities now.
Additional Meanings:
* It would be beneficial for you to journal every day.

* It is time for you to connect with your guides, or for you to be a guide to someone else.

* Walk through the door of opportunity that is presented to you now.

* You are being called to teach.

Just for Fun~Easy Lucid Dreaming


So you want to know the easiest way to start lucid dreaming? You found it.

(taken from

Step #1 – Improve Your Dream Recall

This is a big one.

You should improve your dream recall so that you remember at least one dream vividly every night. Preferably more.

Plant the seed. Tell yourself regularly: “I will remember my dreams”. Do this just before you go to sleep. Say it over and over in your mind like a mantra. This plants the desire in your unconscious mind.

Record your dreams. Next, start a dream journal. Keep it by the bedside so you can write down your dreams the moment you wake up. Recording your dreams verbally on your phone is another good option.

Emphasize your desire. Discuss your dreams with your friends. Chat about them in our forum. Hit home the message that dreams are important and must be remembered. Your unconscious will attend to it.

Go subliminal. Get the message in deep. Watch our subliminal lucid dreaming video.

Step #2 – Perform Reality Checks

This is a spectacularly easy lucid dreaming exercise.

Reality checks are the secret weapon of those who tend towards spontaneous Dream Initiated Lucid Dreams (DILDs). That’s a fancy way of saying: you’re dreaming, then you realize you’re dreaming. You become lucid.

Just attempt an impossible action, like pushing your hand through a wall, while asking: “Am I dreaming?”

Reality checks definitively prove whether you’re awake or dreaming. When awake, it’s simply a way of forming a habit. When you’re asleep – BINGO. This is the end goal of a reality check.

Reality checks are NOT needed to decide your reality when you’re awake, as if in doubt. That means you’re mentally ill.

Aim to do 10-20 reality checks randomly throughout your day. This enhances your self-awareness and programs the question.

Soon, you’ll spontaneously perform a reality check in a dream – and become lucid.

Step #3 – Learn To Meditate

Meditation is really, really cool.

If you didn’t know that already then you’re not doing it right.

When you meditate, you can experience all kinds of mental effects, including hypnagogic hallucinations, feelings of euphoria and sudden insights. Meditation tunes you into your internal state like never before and helps you feel more at peace in yourself.

Research has also linked meditation with lucid dreaming. That’s because it trains you to actively enter altered states of awareness on demand. And it makes you more self-aware, helping you to recognize the unreality of the dream world more often.

Start by introducing a simple 10-minute breathing meditation into your daily routine. Then go deeper. I find this much easier with brainwave entrainment.

Meditation forms a part of many lucid dreaming techniques and is especially valuable when you’re learning to have WILDs or Wake Induced Lucid Dreams.


Step #4 – Study Up

With the first three steps, you can easily have a handful of spontaneous lucid dreams.

But if you’re serious about having regular lucid dreams, you need to study up. This will help you identify the best induction methods for you (out of the dozens available) as well as what to do with your lucid dreams when you have them.
The more you think about lucid dreams during the day, the more likely you are to become conscious in your dreams at night. This part is ridiculously easy. Lucid dreaming comes faster to those who obsess about it. And that obsession can take any form you like.


Friday/Weekend~ Angels


(What would a blog post from Angels & Celestials be like if there wasn’t an angelic message somewhere? lol)

These messengers of the Divine come to you today to let you know that they are supporting you and guiding you. They are surrounding you right now, sending you messages from God. These messages can show up in the form of a friendly smile, or as an obvious sign. Allow the angels to help you. They are calling upon you to connect and work with them.
Additional Meanings:
* Ask for ideas and inspiration. The angels are waiting to help.

* The angels want you to teach lessons of love and light.

* The angels are bringing you messages in dream time. Ask them to help you remember them.

This week’s messages were brought to you courtesy of Angel Dreams Oracle.



I do hope that this week’s messages resonated with you. If it hasn’t upon first glance, then feel free to re-read them. There may be a deeper or hidden message specifically for you from your angels and/or guides. Let me know…I would love to hear from you. Also, please share, reblog, and like. This way you will be paying it forward for others to receive this guidance. Follow Angels & Celestials on Instagram and For a personalized reading I can be reached at /

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