Messages from your Angels & Guides-10/22/14


Two messages are given today from the guides.


hawk turkey

The first one is Hawk- laying in the head right position means there is a change coming into the flow of your existence. You will see the signs with your keen eye and attention to detail, and discern them before change actually takes place. Be aware of omens, messages from the spirit world that will guide you. Your psychic powers come from your ability to observe from on high, to keep emotion from clouding your view. The same ability will allow you to let others be who they are and where they are in their lives. Although there is great responsibility in being a truth-teller, there is a lightness of heart that accompanies it.

And now for next one(which is another fine feathered friend)Turkey upright entitles you to a gift. Somewhere along the lines, you have given freely with an open heart and a helping hand. You will be rewarded. The gift isn’t necessarily material, but it could be. It could be financial, or come in the form of a new friend or even a spiritual gift. It might be a good time to play the lottery.Something good and lasting is coming to you because you deserve it. Be aware of what is happening in your life at this moment. Recognize the gift when it is presented.

What are you grateful for today?

Gratitude Affirmation: I am grateful for everything I experience in this lifetime. I overcome, I grow, and I prosper all the time. My abundant blessings, as well as my difficulties, all make me better, stronger, and more alive.

Cards drawn from Mystic Glyphs Oracle


P.S. – There will be no post for tomorrow. As I will be attending Occupational Therapy..  I will return on Friday…

Totem Tuesdays-10/21/14


As my daughter and I were walking home from school one afternoon. We passed through a park and we saw a rat and a squirrel playing with each other as if they were brothers. It was quite a sight to say the least. They were very different from each other and yet they saw nothing wrong with frolicking together. Maybe we humans need to take a tip from these rodents.. Anyhow.. Today’s totem Rat


Rat’sWisdom Includes:

  • Abundant reproduction
  • Ability to live unseen
  • Stealth
  • Defense
  • Intelligence
  • Symbol of fertility and wealth

And from

The Rat

Rats would probably not be so successful if it weren’t for humans. Our living habits have provided them with homes and food and we have eliminated many of their predators. Because of this rats hold important teachings about waste, over consumption and survival for those who have this totem.

Rats can eat a quarter to a third of their body weight a day. They gnaw on things to keep their teeth, which are always growing, short and sharp. Pack Rats are famous for collecting things. They have been known to strip a sealed cabin in the woods of everything that they could carry. One species is called the Trade Rat because it leaves a stone in the place of what it takes.

Black Rats carried the fleas that led to the Black Plague. In Norway some years ago, hungry Rats infested a bird sanctuary and ate, among other things the birds. They even managed to grab seagulls and hold them down while killing them.

Those with this totem are survivors. Their tendency is to hoard what they have because they fear that they don’t have enough. This fear prompts them to acquire large quantities of things and fight aggressively to maintain what they have acquired. Rat medicine people are not selfish but they can appear that way to those who do not know them well. Holding onto everything and being the pack rat is their way of feeling secure in an insecure world.

Fortunately rats adapt well to environmental changes and can survive on just about anything. They hold the teachings of resourcefulness. Their fear of not being provided for can be healed by participating in supportive group activities, meditation and prayer.

The other side of Rat is that it reflects back to us our own human capacity for greed, taking so much that others needs are denied. They will sometimes overeat and throw up rather than let food go by. They will dispossess other small animals of their homes if they can, wanting no competition for food. They truly personify humankind’s imperialistic drives, which are making life on the planet more and more tenuous. If Rat has come to you, look at ways you may be participating in wasteful consumption or fear based emotions and begin to change your habits appropriately.

The rat has been living under a stigma since its connection with the bubonic plague was established. In the fourteenth century, nearly a quarter of Europe’s population was taken by the Black Death, and the rat has been a symbol of Death for at least four centuries.

And then, of course, there’s the old sailor’s adage about rats leaving a sinking ship before disaster strikes, which has made the rat synonymous with a traitor or a deserter. While the rat’s cousin, the mouse, has conquered the world as a symbol of fun, fantasy, and frivolity, there is no Ricky Rat to compete with Mickey Mouse.

Those individuals born in the Year of the Rat in the Chinese zodiac are counted as people who are ambitious, yet honest, who are prone to spend their money too freely.

If you can move beyond the stigma associated with this large rodent, you will gain a totem animal that will aid you in establishing a comfortable and efficient home and help you courageously defend it against all external negativity. There is also a great deal of magical energy vibrating around this spirit helper, and you may be led into a more serious study of the ancient mysteries through its encouragement Rat will also lend you the necessary energy to become a respected worker in the business environment. You will never be tempted to gamble or fritter away your salary, however, Rat will see to it that you make only wise investments that will benefit your home and family.

(From: – mind the pop-ups!)




People with a Rat totem have a pronounced drive for success.
Ask yourself if you are pushing too hard
or to the contrary, if you are not pushing hard enough.

Rat also give their totem people a great ability to adapt to almost any environment.
Rat shows you how to gain foresight in any coming situation to avoid problems.
Rat people are cunning and shrewd,
and can defend themselves aggressively when necessary.
They can also be restless and nervous and need to be careful of these traits.

The Hindu God of Overcoming Obstacles Ganesh
uses a Rat as his steed.  For the Hindus, the Rat represents prudence and foresight.
Which is the reason that you see rats leaving a ship before it sinks
or scurrying out of a building before it collapses.  They know….

To the ancient Egyptians, Rats symbolized wisdom.
Rat is the first sign of the Chinese Zodiac, symbolizing fertility and wealth.
A white Rat is the companion of the Japanese god of happiness and
a symbol of Daikoku, the god of prosperity.

Messages from your Angels & Guides-10/20/14


The theme for this week is messages directly from the guides. And they are speaking of life changes, change is not necessarily a bad thing either. So let’s open our arms and embrace change whole-heartedly!!
Another Manifesting Monday has arrived and here is today’s message from the Faeries.
Don’t settle for less than your dreams. Once you make the commitment to manifest an improved situation, the Universe will find a way to deliver it you.”


raise your standards

Deep down, you know what type of life you’re meant to live. By drawing this card, you’re being reminded that you deserve, and can manifest, any situation you wish. The fairies ask you to stop making negative affirmations based on scarcity thinking, such as “I can’t afford this” or “I could never accomplish that.” Instead they ask you to raise your standards to the level that all children of God deserve.

Write down a list of your heart’s true desires, and review this list daily with a feeling of faith and gratitude–emotions that convert your wishes into reality. Then, make a spiritual commitement to expect the best for yourself. This commitment is your “sales order” that creates miracles in your life. As your dreams start to come true, be sure to graciously accept “good” into your life. know that you deserve life’s richest rewards (we all do!)

Affirmation: I deserve and expect the best in life. I hold high standards for myself.
Card drawn from Faeries Oracle

Messages from your Angels & Guides- 10/17/14


The final message for this week comes from our passed over loved one(s).

” I can now hear your thoughts and feelings so much more clearly than when I was in my physical body. Back then, I was consumed with my own ego thoughts and distracted by my fears. Now that I’m free of my shackles, I can focus upon giving and loving! So whenever, you’d like to talk I can always hear you. Just think my name, and then trust the thoughts and feelings that you receive from me. Those are my communications with you. I totally respect your free will and would never impose my own will onto you. I only what is best for you, so please know that I’m here when you wish to talk. I love you!”

i see all of your thoughts

Card drawn from Talking to Heaven Mediumship Oracle

And  for you, my dear readers


Have a blessed and magickal weekend!!

Messages from your Angels & Guides-10/15/14


If your thoughts are driving you crazy, Archangel Uriel is about to help you with a mental makeover. Divine has a few new ideas up its sleeve.”

uriel archangels of mental makeovers


Archangel Uriel is known for carrying a torch. In this case, he is using a blow torch to create new pathways in your thinking. It may seem like you are really working your own problem over with your brain, but your thoughts are actually working you over. That’s why the archangel of the mental makeover has arrived on the scene. He has seen your thinking patterns. You may have been tricked into thinking you have done some good reasoning, but Uriel believes you are following a path into a mental maze. Those spotlights he is shining are going to reveal new magical answers to some very old mental questions. You may find yourself having new thoughts that seem to come out of nowhere. Uriel holds a torch of divine truth. God has plenty of imagination and humor to untangle your mental maze, Uriel is his messenger when it comes to new thinking. You know how they have those giant spotlights outside a movie premiere? Well, these spotlights tell you Uriel has arrived to help you with some new ideas. Welcome to your mental makeover!
And just because it is Gratitude Wednesday….

Gratitude is the best attitude. ~Author Unknown

If you count all your assets, you always show a profit. ~Robert Quillen
He is a wise man who does not grieve for the things which he has not, but rejoices for those which he has. ~Epictetus

Card drawn from Audacious Action Angels Oracle

Totem Tuesdays-10/14/14


Today’s totem is one of my favorite and my personal totem- The Lynx



Lynx – Seer of the Unseen 


Seer of the Unseen. Solitude. Reservation. Vigilance. The Hermit. Understanding Spiritual Mystery. Sphinx Energy. Invisibility. Knowledge vs. Superstition. Play. Perception and Protection on All Levels. Seduction and Eye Contact. Manipulation of Time & Space in Otherworlds.

General Description:

The lynx (including the bobcat) taxonomically consists of four species within the family Felinae. They are a shy, secretive medium-sized feline with tufted ears and a bobbed tail common to the western hemisphere. The prefer to live in mature forests and mountainous regions, but can be found in deserts and heath/scrubland. They are often noted for their haughty or imperial gaze. They tend to be most active at dawn and dusk, but are also nocturnal. Their diets consist primarily of rodents and hare. Lynx are quite dependent on hare populations, and lynx numbers are thought to be directly proportionate to hare numbers. Lynx are mostly silent, and use body-language and scent to communicate most often, however they will yowl and hiss in mating season. They are hunted for their pelts, and kittens are at risk of predation from coyotes, owls and foxes (among others).


Please remember that if this animal is contacting you, it will often be the best resource for teaching you what its lessons are. What I write is only intended to be a guide, it is not absolute, nor is it infallible.

- Lynx tells us it is a time for caution and vigilance, and often comes into our lives through dreams or visions to tell us that we need to pay more attention to our surroundings even when we know we aren’t in any danger. Reservation when going about our lives also teaches us to think before we act, and Lynx can come into our lives to curb impulsivity.

- Lynx can bring clarity to the understanding of spiritual mysteries, this clarity in turn enables us to learn hidden secrets and understand how these mysteries apply to our lives and those around us.

- Lynx tells us it is time to become a bit more of a skeptic, it is time for knowledge vs. superstition. Lynx energy tends to put a bit of a skewer in the habits of superstitious folk and teaches us to overcome our blockages to learning new things due to a deep-seated grounding in superstition.

- Lynx is an ideal energy for perception on all levels and the growth that this implies. When we learn how to perceive in all areas of our lives, we grow immeasurably. This perception leads to a protection on all levels. Lynx is an extraordinarily strong energy for the cultivation and maintenance of personal boundaries and barriers.

- The nature of the Lynx to operate alone enables it to understand secrets and to be secretive. This nature is neither deceptive nor deliberately malicious, rather it is an energy that simply stands apart. Lynx is The Hermit from the standard Tarot. People with Lynx in their lives often find that they connect best with others and themselves, when they deliberately disconnect from overly-socialising or stretching themselves too thin.

- The presence of Lynx in our lives also reflects the presence of Sphinx energy in our lives, and it may be important to connect with this mythological creature and its symbolism and heritage also.

- Are you a solitary person who takes yourself too seriously? You very well might be if you’ve attracted Lynx into your life. Well, the good news is that Lynx has an excellent sense of whimsical, kittenish, light-hearted play, and it’s time for you to find the things in your life which make you child-like again, laugh again, and live again. Solitude is no excuse for taking oneself too seriously after all, and like any Lynx will teach you – you can certainly play and have fun by yourself.

- On a shamanic or spiritual level, Lynx teaches manipulation of time and space in otherworlds. This is a necessary tool of the shaman, and Lynx is one of the few animals who willingly teaches it. This manipulation enables us to visit memories and the future, bend and fit multiple spaces, and lengthen or shorten time in order to better understand energy and in order to better heal when shamanising. This ability is of itself a mystery, which is why Lynx is one of the better teachers of this lesson.

- Seduction and eye contact is a realm in which the Lynx is master. It might be time to learn how to use the expressiveness of your own eyes to sway others, or it might be time to learn how the eye is significant as a symbol in your spirituality. What does it mean to look, see and record information. What are the colours you can see? What can other creatures see that you can’t? What are the mysteries implied in this? Is the idea of seeing more seductive? Or frightening? What can you see that others can’t?

- Lynx is the Seer of the Unseen, and comes into our lives to draw our attention to that which we need to focus on, and have glossed over for whatever reason. Additionally Lynx can teach us how to see that which cannot be seen by the human eye in a day to day level – how to discern auras, spirits, ghosts, ley-lines, energy fields, shields, magical residue and even the memories and blockages that hang around people, are all the domain of Lynx. If we start seeing Lynx in our lives, it might also be time to do ourselves a tarot, oracle or rune reading for we are most likely to be objective (or learning to be objective) when viewing ourselves at this time.

If you have Lynx/Bobcat as your guide:

People with this animal as a guide will often manifest traits similar to the animal itself. I work on the philosophy that we only have one guide, and it teaches us lessons as well as representing the core aspects of our personality. Therefore -

- Lynx people in their less developed stages tend to be a bit frustrating to the rest of us, they can be superior and haughty, they have a tendency to be a know-it-all. It’s important for all (including Lynx people) to realise that they do have the answers and the knowledge, it just might be hidden under the trappings of the ego or the desires of our emotional existence.

- Those with Lynx medicine are good at keeping secrets hidden, they are also excellent at giving advice to those who need to know when it is time for a secret to be revealed. In order to know when to be silent, Lynx implicitly knows when to speak also and gives wise council.

There will be other ways your guide manifests, and you will recognise them with awareness and communion.

As shadow guide/guide:

The shadow guide is the animal we often fear irrationally, that teaches us things about ourselves that are profound and difficult to confront. Often the traits we fear most within the shadow guide, are the traits that we dislike in ourselves. We must scrutinise why this is, and learn how to work with them.

- People may fear Lynx because they have something to hide, or because they feel as though they will be ‘revealed’ if their secrets are discovered.

- Those who fear Lynx may also have low-self esteem which is revealed in argument or debate. These people resent feeling lectured or dismantled in debate and need to learn when to keep silent while they start the process of self-confrontation. This is an important lesson for those with Lynx shadow energy to learn.

Contacting Lynx/Bobcat:

Like all animal helpers, this animal will only appear when right and appropriate, and cannot be forced to visit you, commune with you, or share messages with you. Lynx tends to respond best when one attempts to commune with the energy in quite and silent spaces, particularly those in woodland and forest. Meditation that requires change in breathing technique and inner focus are more likely to be successful in contacting Lynx than out and out drumming. Lynx will quite readily respond to rattle or flute when they are ready.

Lynx is a solitary creature, and will only appear when they feel like appearing. They are not to be commanded, at our beck and call, and this is another mystery that Lynx will aid us in understanding.