Just For Fun-Which Chakra Needs Healing?




I wanted to do something different for this week’s just for fun. So using John Holland’s  Psychic Tarot(keeping in line with tarot week), we will see which one  of our chakras  needs   attention.

Let your intuition guide you ( don’t just choose anything),whether it is by word, which color you think it may be, by feeling, thought, or a picture in your mind. Whichever way your intuition works for you, just go with it. The card you choose will be the chakra that you need to work with at this time.

The cards are numbered from left to right- example:

1-2- 3
4- 5- 6

Ok? Got it? Are you ready? lol Here we go………….


chakra cards back



Choices will be revealed later …along with chakra meanings.

Your Number of the Day


I am adding this because it fits with today’s tarot angel message-Ace of Wands


Your Number of the Day is 1


Wednesday, April 23, 2014: A sense of renewed energy dominates the day. This is a time for new beginnings, and you’ve got raw dynamic power on your side. The best way to seize the moment? Sharpen your powers of concentration and take the lead, without losing your sensitivity.

Angel Message for April 23, 2014


My young ones are back in school today and even my college boy had to return to school today, the Spring Recess is now over…lol

The tarot angel card we have received today is “Ace of Wands”


Look at the rose which blossoms so beautifully on this card. That’s what the angels are telling us, that now is the time for us to blossom just like this rose. Aces of any suit in tarot indicate new beginnings. So this is a new period in your life. You’ve pushed through the rocky ground, just like this rose, and now you’re reaching for the sky. You have every reason to feel joyful, optimistic about your life and with good cause too. So when this card appears , know that your life is about to change for the better! Those difficulties you’ve had are now distant memories. This is a period to begin something new… whether it is starting a new job, a new love interest,  a new health regimen. Also, this particular ace can indicate fertility and hence new life. So for any of you looking to conceive, the time is ripe for a pregnancy. And if you’re not ready to conceive, then be careful, because again the time is ripe..lol

Life couldn’t be any sweeter as it is right now. And remember what ever your endeavors, you will come  out smelling like a rose! {This is my interpretation of this card}

Daily Affirmation:
“I welcome love into my life in every way. I enjoy supportive friendships, appreciate satisfying work, and actively choose to care for ME! I welcome love. I am free!”
Card drawn from Tarot of the Angels

Your Power Animal for today is..


April 22, 2014



Keyword: Serenity
Take a deep breath…now another one..then another…Feel what happens in your body as you do so. This is what you need to do in the midst of any turmoil you’re going through. It brings you home in body,mind, and spirit, to that still place inside you where you can feel and hear your heartbeat and the rhythm of your breathing, giving you the assurance that you’re alive and everything is all right.

There’s really no need to worry or fret about the circumstances of your inquiry. There’s not even a need for you to find a solution. The solution will find you, but only when you calm down and stop trying to figure it out from a place of fear and anxiety. You have to trust that what to do–or not to do–will become evident once you’re able to center yourself. That way you can think more clearly, breathe more easily, find your faith, and remember that God and the angels are really on your side.

* For me Doves hold a special meaning, they represent the Holy Spirit as well as new life and heavenly spirits. The Dove was also the bird who brought the branch to Noah to let him there was dry land outside of the ark. The raven never returned when Noah sent him out…lol Doves are usually shown on the Ace of Cups.*

Additional Keywords: Love; Soul; Domesticity;Spirituality
Card drawn from Power Animal Oracle

Angel Message for Angel 21, 2014


Once again Happy Easter to you all(if you do celebrate the season as I do)!

The themes for this week is awakenings, new beginnings, solutions and imagination.

This is week is Tarot Week from the Angels.

So today’s message along with Wednesday and Friday’s messages will be coming from Angel tarot decks. Shall we proceed? Today’s message is from Archangel Chamuel.


The title of this card is called “Change Your Life” and it’s number is 16 which is traditionally the Tower card in tarot. Some people flinch when they get this card and the images can be pretty terrifying to some. This card’s message can convey complete and total destruction on every level. So it is no wonder that this card can strike fear into the hearts of us mortals. However, from the angels viewpoint, change can be good( yes… scary in some situations), but it is needed from time to time. Ask yourself, right now ,are you happy with your life? Are you stuck in a dead-end job? a bad relationship? Are you seemingly going round & round in circles, using the same patterns, but yet expecting different results this time? Then it is time for change. If you want to evolve and grow in spiritual maturity. Then it is time to let go of the things that are not working for you. And if you still want to beat a dead horse and still hold on to the things/situations that are causing blockages….Well this is the Universe’s response for you…Change your life…

Change doesn’t have to be scary or rough, although it can be for some. And that may be because you are not willing to surrender to your higher self’s guidance. You feel complacent staying in your comfort zone. And/or you let your ego tell you this is how it has to be. So when change comes it can rock you to the core. It will rip up everything from limiting actions/beliefs/thoughts from the very foundation it was built upon. And you may feel as if you’re floundering and you won’t know what to do. Now is the time for self-realization, you can start anew. That this shake-up was a blessing in disguise. * This is something I have experienced personally* You now have new opportunities available to you. All you need to do is reach out and grab them. Because life is for the living right now! {This is my interpretation of this card}

Additional meanings of this card: Awakening, A sudden revelation that offers freedom, Unexpected transformations, Life experiences.

 Archangel Chamuel is said to observe the world from a very high vantage point. This gives him the ability to see opportunities that you may be missing. Call upon Archangel Chamuel whenever you’re searching for something. With his super angelic vision, he can clearly find a path that will lead your life in a new and exciting direction.

Daily Affirmation:I am open to change, when I fight against it, it only makes the transition harder. Today I will go with the flow.

“Whatever happens to you, you can either see it as a curse and suffer it, or you can see it as a blessing and make use of it.” ~ Sadhguru

Card drawn from Archangel Power Tarot

Angel Message for April 18, 2014


 Another week is ending and today is also Good Friday marking the near end of Lent. I hope today’s  message resonates for you or someone you know. Have a blessed weekend and have a Happy Easter!

Nectar of Life



You work so hard, and you are definitely to be commended for your efforts. This card is asking you to slow down a little and enjoy the simple things in life. Spend some quality time with family and friends. Take time to embrace life and do some of the things you honestly enjoy. Focus your energy on activities and things that bring you true pleasure. Taste the sweetness of life. Feel empowered to pollinate and fertilize your dreams.

Self Love:Pay attention to your thoughts. Focus on love and have faith in your abilities. Make sure your thoughts are coming from a place of love and not fear.



Card drawn from Divine Guidance Oracle